Nisfu’ Syaa’ban

Assalamualaikum pada hadirin & hadirat…

 Nisfu’ Syaaban merupakan malam yg penuh berkat danrahmat selepas malam lai’latul qadr. Saiyidatina Aisyah r.a meriwayatkan bahawa Nabi s.a.w tidak tidur pada malam itu sebagaimana yg tersebut dalam sebuah hadis yg diriwayatkan leh Imam Al Baihaqi r.a

Rasulullah saw telah bangun pada malam (Nisfu Syaaban) dan bersembahyang dah sungguh lama sujudnya sehingga aku fikir beliau telah wafat. Apabila aku melihat demikian aku mencuit ibu jari kaki Baginda saw dan bergerak. Kemudian aku kembali dan aku dengar Baginda saw berkata dlm sujudnya, “Ya Allah aku pohonkan kemaafanMu daripada apa yg akan diturunkan dan aku pohonkan keredhaanMu daripada kemurkaanMu dan aku berlindung kpdMu daripadaMu. Aku tidak dpt menghitung pujian terhadapMu seperti kamu memuji diriMu sendiri.”
Setelah Baginda saw selesai sembahyang, Baginda berkata kpd Saiyidatina Aisyah r.a. “Malam ini adalan malam Nisfu syaaban. Sesunguhnya Allah Azzawajjal telah dtg kpd hambanya pada malam Nisfu syaaban dan memberi keampunan kpd mereka yg beristighfar, memberi rahmat ke atas mereka yg memberi rahmat dan melambatkan rahmat dan keampunan terhadap org2 yg dengki.”

Hari Nisfu Syaaban adalah hari dimana buku catatan amalan kita selama setahn diangkat ke langit dan diganti dengan buku catatan yg baru. Catatan pertama yg akan dicatatkan dibuku yg baru akan bermula sebaik sahaja masuk waktu maghrib. 15 Syaa’ban bermula pada 14 hb Syaaban sebaik sahaja waktu maghrib.

Berikut adalah antara amal ibadah di hari Nisfu Syaa’ban

1.Solat sunat nisfu sya’aban – terdapat dua cara mengerjakan solat sunat ini. Sembahyang 100 rakaat dengan memberi salaam selepas setiap 2 rakaat. Surah Al-Ikhlas dibaca sebanyak 11 kali setelah setiap rakaat setelah membaca surah al-Fatihah

Sembahyang 10 rakaat dengan memberi salaam selepas setiap 2 rakaat. Surah Al-Ikhlas dibaca sebanyak 100 kali setelah setiap rakaat setelah membaca surah al-Fatihah

2. Membaca Yasin 3x selepas solat Maghribnya

i) Yasin pertama : mohon dipanjangkan umur untuk beribadat kepada Allahii) Yasin kedua : mohon rezeki yang halal untuk beribadat kepada Allahiii) Yasin ketiga : mohon ditetapkan iman dan Islam & mati di dalam iman

3. Berpuasa pada siangnya (mulai pagi esoknya-15 Syaaban)

Disusun dengan bantuan Ustaz Abdul Kareem As-Saquofi

Arkib dari Risalah Surau Malabar Hidayatul Islam


Thanks for the Lovely treat…

It is Wednesday, the mid-week.. Working as e’ normal on morning shift… Work ends at 3. Before that Fai’ message me & asked whether wanna tag along wif’ them later for a movie.. I’m all set.. After the tiredness from work, went home first to haf’ a bath & perform prayers. Meeting them Marina at 5pm.. But I only went out from home at 4.45.. hehe =] I’m taking train today… Wee~ After reaching City Hall, I waited for someone who quickly goes out from home right after school.. Should noe who that person is..the one in his brand new capal.. *Bwuek =p. Oh ya, meeting em’ at Marina, Here comes Bom, Khai & Rikee.. Rikee has problem in his shoes.. Very the smart uniform frm his ITE.. loL~ They told us that we’re watching Hairspray movie at 930pm show.. So we proceed first for dinner at Suntec’ Fish & Co. Table for 5 person pls.. p.s: Gambar cum 3 orang je.. lagi dua dibelakang takbir… Hehe =]

Here’ r’ some of the Pics.. N’joy d’ food..

Menu ordered…

.Calamari, New York Fish & Chips, Salmon, Swordfish & Seafood platter for 2..


The tastes is really awesome… Wow!! We also had games after the meal, suggested by Khai… Really funny.. Proceed for shopping a while at Zara & Watson, follow by the Movie We called HairSpray…

Juz wanna say thanks to Bom for treating us the makan & Movie.. had lots of fun & great company from all of you.. Treat you all as Brothers to me, except for one… May Allah bless you all…

Wee~ Till here, I’m signing off.. Lots of love.. Hugz & Kisses, Cookies & Creme’

Fireworks rules the Esplanade..

It was rainy that saturday afternoon.. After coming back from work, I decide to rest.. While lying down on my bed, I think about the issue my fren been telling me to watch the Fireworks at Esplanade… Keep thinking, Should I go? Afterall, all this’ while, I never watch it for a long time after last I’ve seen it during I’m involved in NDP back in 2002. Last minute plan meeting him and we headed to Marina. Gosh! Carpark is superb damn full.. So we park anyhow outside near Swensens bedekatan, when we saw many bikes park there. Daa parking macam cara Berje’maah je.. saf’ semu rapat’ rapat.. hehe =] We did saw the Fireworks Live, although the location is not that good, but he manage to snap many pictures & Videos as many as he could.. Thanks to his one & only K800i.. N’joy d’ pics..

Signing off,

Hugs & Kisses

Cookies ‘n Cream

To the Movies…

 Yesterday after my work ends at 3, decide to meet Fai’ at Centrepoint. From there, we had a walk throughout the shopping mall. Nah~ Juz Window Shopping .It is more to the high class shops around there.. So we moved to Plaza Singapura where the both of us gonna watch dis’movie call Rush Hour 3. Yeah, for the Previous seasons, I manage to see it at Channel 5, thank god. Wee~ As per normal Internet booking, coz’ It’s much more easier to find our favourite seats..  C’mon guys.. watch it.. Here we go..

The movie was Hillarous & Fun, although it’s only 93 mins, Fun, Action all in one movie. From there, We proceed to Funan the IT Mall. Yup Fai wants to buy his Printer Ink.. HP brand. Still remember no.21 for model 3920? Should get that right. It’ s cheaper, to compare other shops.. got it only at 25 bucks.

 We head on for dinner after that at Al- Jilani Restaurant, near NAFA. I had HongkongMee, while Fai had Mee Goreng Thai.. Teh cannot be missed for him.. So the Wak Wak. hehe =] Lol~

 We rileks for a while then proceed home from there.. Juz wanna say had lots of fun throughout the company wif’ him. Thks… As I end here, Tomorrow I’m heading to Changi Airport to attend a Proffesional Service Salesmanship Course.. Wee~ Til then, Hugs & Kisses… Cookies & Cream.. gonna eat my dinner now… C’ya !

Singapore 42nd Birthday

Wee~ It’s National Day today.. Singapore turns 42. Yeah !! Me getting older too.. Tau takper.. Lol =] I hope Singapore will turn out to be a Racial Harmony Country akan datang.. Insya’allah.. Amen =]

Zoo Outing…

Friday… It telling us that the weekend is here round d’ corner.. Time for Fun ! As well as Friday prayers… [ dun forget that ] hehe.. As We turns 3 dis’ month, Fai & myself went to the Zoological Garden. It is totally amazing!! Wee~

We got it all planned since last month. Finally We reach there close to 3pm after the prayers conduct at Masjid Darussalam locates at Clementi… Here’s the’ Ticket Counter.. Two tickets for us pls… =]

As we entered the Entrance, It is time to let the Journey begins… Here we go..

First up, We pass by the Siamang.. It looks like one of the Chimpanzee to me.. We only can see em’ frm average.. We resume after that to Tiger Trek, when We saw white tiger. There are only 3 of’ em’ and did you know there’re about 5 different types of tiger ard the world? I didn’t know too.. til I read through the facts.. Hmmm.. Walking further up, We also discover Pygmy Hippo, Warthog, Baboons & Kangaroo which locates at Australian Outback. Here’s the photos’ N’joy..









As we walk deep inside, we saw An Elephant Show.. We missed the 1st 15 mins of it’ But overall, I had fun seeing the Show.. There is also a Big Foundation Amphitheathe. Both of us also pass by Manatee, Sealion & Penguin, follow by Garden with a View.


For those of you who haven’t been to the Zoo, the place is really huge. The surrounding is covered by Upper Seletar Reservoir..

Our Journey continues to the Mandrill, Probecis Monkey, Squirel Monkey & Fragile Forest. I wonder, how fragile the Forest is.. loL.. We missed out the Komodo Dragon part. Couldn’t find it… Haiz’.. Also can be found, Such as Snakes, Sang Kancil, Butterfly. There’re all gorgeous & Lovely.. How I wish I can adopt then as my pet.. =s.. Hehe =]



Coming to the’ End… We also see, African Lion, Zebra, Cheetah, Giraffe & White Rhino.. I still remember one of the giraffe name is Roni… She is born on May 2004. She’s a big gerl now.. From there We walk to the nearest Tram Station to board the Tram Ride. We didn’t know that the ride ends at 530pm. We only take Half-A- Round… Overall, I had Lots of Fun wif’ Fai’.. Wee~

Proceed For dinner @ Swensens Thomson Plaza after that.. We had’ the normal food we used to order . Not Forgotten FireHouse Birthday Ice Cream.. It’s our Lovely dessert for the both of us. Juz wanna say Thks a millon to Fai’ for the accompany to the Zoo Trip, and the dinner. Really had great fun wif’ you throughout the Wonderful Day.. Til’ then,

I’m Signing out fom here … Hugz & Kisses, Cookies & Cream….