Happy Birthday ßĹặςΚ·ЯőŜξ

Terutama sekali ingin mengucapkan Selamat harijadi yg ke 25, untuk

Muhammad Fairuz !

Semoga diberkati allah selalu.. Amin.. (=


Allah selamat kan kamu…

Allah selamat kan kamu…

Allah selamat kan Muhd Fairuz bin Abdul Wahab,

Allah selamat kan kamu..

Insya’allah apa yg diinginkan pada masa yg akan datang, pasti dikabulkan.

Rajin Rajin belajar jgn luper ! Wee~


Yg Disayangi & Dicintai selalu…

Cookies & Creme’




Celebration of happiness… (=


I’m updating abt last Friday fer celebrating my 24th birthday.. Yeaa.. (=

As I went to Assyakirin mosque to conduct friday prayers wif’ Bom & Fai, Weather was cloudy.. And that is my first time there…

After the prayers, as promise, The three of us already planned to go JB to celebrate ma’ birthday.. So waited Rikee @ Kranji MRT.. Weather… FuYoh.. raining heavily lorr.. Dier lak SuperStar.. =p

While waiting for Rikee

After he arrives, we proceed to take 170 to Checkpoint.. yeP.. tab ur passport & fingerprint & Wee~ we’re at Jb liaO.. First stop, money changer.. very important. Then off to City Square…

Yep, We proceed to Kenny Rogers for makan first..


Assorted Muffins

Quater Chicken & Half Chicken wif Side Dishes

Then we walk walk the whole City Square.. In fact there’s not much things you can find there, but some things are at a reasonable price.. yeP (= Bought 6 DVD’s for 30 ringgit.. yeaa.. latest movie of coz’

Chillin at Marry Brown on that rocking bench…

Bom & Rikee

Awan & Fai

Bought Sum Bubble yum, Cigarette & off we back to Singapore taking 950..

Anyway, Seriously, i had fun going out with u guys.. Thanks a lot fer celebrating my birthday and the presents as well… Appreciate it to da max !!

Here are sum updates oso on the Christmas Promotion that I went to Suntec for training yesterday..

Smoked Duck Breast Salad & Smoked Duck wif Blackpepper corn


Cinammon Chocolate Cake

You’ve got to try that dessert.. Power !!

Hugz & Kisses,

Cookies & Creme’

Happy Birthday Ŵäи‡åñ ®

Hey guys, I juz wanna Say thanks for those who have been viewing my blog all this while.. i’ll will keep my post updated as promise everyweek if not busy eh.. Hehe (=

Here I am, Wishing myself a Happy Birthday…

Happy 24th Birthday Ridhwan

Thks for Poh Choo & Ah Cai for buying the caKe for me… You made me smile today (= Appreciate it a lot. For mummy thanks for the present, Wo De Cen Re leh.. buat susah susah je.. Paisey lah.. [= Fyi.. I’m wishing Happy Birthday also to another 2 of my frens of mine, Sarinah & Khai who’s celebrating the same day as me,

Hugz & Kisses from Awan, luv you people at werk

Cookies & Cream..

Fun Throughout the Day..(=

Hey guys…

Hi there.. Although it’s raining throughout the whole Day Since morning yesterday.. Luckily it’s ma’ off day.. haha.. get to wake up late.. Wee~

The rain doesn’t stops unfortunately, but i’m going out with Fai.. Looks like we have to go public then.. Not riding.. Hehe.. Meeting up point at City hall. We went to Marina Square .. Booked tickets to watch Enchanted..