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Happy Birthday Sis !!

Hey there…

annyeonghesaYo !!

First & for all I wanna wish my sis a happy birthday to her.. Thanks for taking care of us all this while.. and all the treats from PizzaHut, Kfc, Mcdelivery,Golden pillow & Old Chang Kee.. We appreciate all of that food ~ loL… Here’s sumthing from us a birthday cake to make u smile (=

 Happy 29th Birthday !!

On part of her birthday, we’re celebrating it together among wif our family & all the cutie loved ones… Here we’re… tadaa~

 All my cats throughout the generations…

Cat name Amon at ma aunty plc…

There are still kittens whom u guys havent seen.. the cucu cicits.. hehe =p

>>::The loved ones::<<

. Abang abang

. Teh

. Belang

. Cadbury

. Custard

. Kontot

. Milo

. Anak si teh

. Jack Jack

. Omeh

. Susu

. Ginger 1 / Ginger 2

and Da’ kittens

Til then..

Hugz & Kisses…  

Cookies & Cream (=

Happy Birthday Rikee !!


Here I am once again, updating my first entry on this brand new year.. As you all know it’s already 2008 now!! I’m still maintaining at this age.. hehe.. loL~

First up, wanna wish this big boy a Happy 20th Birthday !!

May all your wishes come true~

Went out yesterday afternoon, all the way from Tampines to Bukit Panjang.. Yeaa juz to meet this fabulous person whom I’ve known few months back, and have yet to meet.. This is the person i’m talking abt.. his name is yuSry !! Welcome aboard..

yeP.. all the way there juz to have a badminton game wif his frens.. Then fai came & tag along with us..  Wee~

We had fun after all…

Fai Vs Awan


i’M YusRy™ &  Ŵäи‡åñ ®

After the game, we chill a while at Mcdonalds Fajar, before we proceed to Far East Plaza to meet bom & Rikee on celebrating citizen’s birthday… Hehe =p

Had Dinner at Nana Thai’s restaurant.. had lovely dish over there… & We settle down at Spinelli’s The Heerens to Sang Rikee the Birthday song..

PoSe Semua~ Wee !!

Juz wanna say thanks to all … For yusry.. Nice meeting you for e’ first time together wif ur frens.. As for Rikee, Happy Birthday… Realli appreciate every single joy of that !!


Hugz & Kisses… Cookies & Creme’

Ŵäи‡åñ ®