It stands for ‘DDD’


Hey there.. lama laa sey tk update.. Actually busy slalu.. biaser laa.. orang bekerja laa kan =p Actually I went to “DDD” training last wednesday @ Hq which locates pat pandan loop. You noe what, “DDD” stands for Dial Delifrance Delivery.. it was lyke.. huh?  hmm… they are launching it on da first march 2008. According to Da menu, it’s all the same, just that the timing for delivery starts from 11am onwards.. Yeaa 🙂 Only Selected Delifrance have this “DDD” thingy. Such as Suntec, Novena ( Velocity) , Holland V, Jurong point. I believe they are still like three to four stores included. I might be transfered location from Centrepoint to Suntec.. Coming soon… See laa how.. haiz 😦 If being transfered to Suntec, i’m nt worried, coz i got some kaki’s also working there.. There are 4 beautiful operators who will be answering ur call if u order. They are also 2 riders who will be attached to each outlet  to send the order.. First, it’s Pizza Hut, then Kfc, then Mcdonalds, Arnolds, Golden Pillow and last but nt least.. Delifrance.. ter kial kial.. hehe.. Wokie.. Will keep you guys update on that number yar~

p.s: A million thanks for contributing those Angpows to me this year in 2008, May allah bless me always.. Amin !!

I got another one for a total of Six after this photo is being shot =p

So long folks ~ by.. “Cookies & Creme’


Chinese New Year Promotions..

Hey ya..


Here are the updates & the latest menus only for CNY promotions..

First up..

Hot & Sour soup & Scallop with Hollandaise sauce

. Hot & Sour soup is mix with ham inside with 2 servings of garlic bread..

.Two piece of fresh scallops poured with hollandaise sauce and served with mix salad and a piece of lemon..



Grilled Salmon & Chicken Dome

. For the Grilled Salmon, it comes with a mix salad, mashed potato and served together with pumkin & Bearnaise sauce.. ( Thumbs up for this ) Die Die must try!!

. For Chicken Dome, It comes with Butter rice premix with raisins and a piece of Chicken Dome together with chicken brown sauce..


Hope you enjoy the delicious menu to ur heart content… (=


Ps: I’ll update the Valentine’s day promo by next week.. for now, angpow.. here I come.. hehe…

Hugz & Kisses…

Cookies & creme.. (=



Happy Birthday §‡â®ßläÐë

It’s a Saturday the 02.02.2008 !!

I just want to wish Happy Birthday to a fren whom I adore..

Happy 27th Birthday Muz
Allah selamatkan kamu..
Allah selamatkan kamu..
Allah selamatkan Muzaini Bin Selamat..
Allah selamatkan kamu..
Di panjangkan umur nyer & sihat selalu.. (=
Semoga apa bidang yg diceburi nyer akan sukses selalu.. Insya’allah.. Amin ~