Utt is in da house !!!

Hola ~


First and foreall.. I wanna say thanks to Issam & Shaiful for inviting da both of us yesterday to bbq @ East coast.. We manage to get there although it’s raining & I wanna comment, the plc is damn far !! hehe.. Well I had fun.. thanks.. (=



Chronicles of the apa tu ??

 Since my off day is yesterday.. I’ve visited to the National Library to browse & read some books @ noon.. Though my voice mcm mat rock , I disturb everyone sia there.. Kong Kong Kong Kong, tak abes abes.. haiz…

To da movies then wif Fai @ Gv Marina.. Anyway Didn’t know What show to watch actually.. So a day before, We went browsing on da net.. got, rule #1, Horton, August rush & chronicles of the apa tu.. loL~ I realli dunno da title.. but since Fai correct me, I paisey leh.. &  tadaa~ The Spiderwick Chroonicles is the correct title..( Hehe )

Ingat eh aWan, It’s The SpiderWick Chronicles 


Dinner @ Sakura

oH yea… Waiting for this day to come laa since long time… thanks to Poh choo, myself & Jessica . if not for you guys, We wouldn’t have this lovely Dinner..

Meet em’ @ Centrepoint then from there walk.. 5 minutes.. & taDaa ~ Here We’re.. the Very first thing that I saw next to the restaurant is this poster.. Hope you guys heard da news.. So.. call 999 immediately if you saw him wandering around anywhere..


Purffect 10 !

Hi everyone…   Hola

 Been a long time since I updating.. hehe..  Went to Vivo to meet Fai last tuesday.. As We’re watching a movie there, there are so many to choose.. from Kungfu Dunk, There will be blood, but We choose Sweeney Todd.. So tickets for two.. As show starts @ 420pm, We had our lovely lunch Cockles Kway teow at Banquet ! Didn’t had breakfast laa sey, that’s why eat like hungry ghost.. stomach grubling.. haha (= Yummy Yummy !

Then Went to meet a fren of mine Jimmy, who’s working at Doc’greens.. Long time never visit him.. He’s still the same like waterboy.. So confusing while finding his shop.. by right, it’s just next to Long John Silver.. loL~

Off to Da movies….. Wee~

It’s actually a musical movie laa~ Didn’t know… till they sang non stop~ reminds me of Hairspray..

We proceed next to Cable car Station.. Wanting to take this scary trip since last time, but no one to accompany wif’… Luckily got gang.. if not I will be lying alone inside & never wake up anymore.. haha.. here are da pictures.. Wee~

after enjoying from a beautiful scenery on top, We decided to go for a dinner …Nothing new.. Swensens again.. yeaa (= but We have a fren joining in.. It’s Imy on da house..There’s promotion on baked rice~ So We’re trying it.. Can Say.. oK laa the food..i also ordered pesto salmon… gerrek! Power laa Sey..


Deep Fried Mushroom & Pesto grill Salmon

Thai Green baked rice & Seafood Pineapple baked rice

 Yeaa (= It’s us !

Thanks Imy for joining in wif us… Juz wanna say thanks to all..

From there.. Dismiss !

Cookies & Cream