Happy Birthday Issam..

First & Foreall, I want to wish to a fren of mine a Happy 24 Birthday !!!

Hope You like the prezzie we gave it to you te other day.. (=

Went out yesterday for a movie with Fai, watching the Forbidden Kingdom starring Jackie Chan & Jet Li.. Absolutely fabulous !!! Thumbs up for them.. Recommendation, die die must watch.. Funny laa (= HaHa.. While waiting for da movie, Issam called & He’s watching the Same show as us but @ different location & much earlier timing.. which is at Suntec.. loL~ So teatime @ Killeney Kopitiam first, as e’ normal.. HEHE..

Show begins @ 1820Hrs.

The entire movie is great !!! So those of u haben see this movie, Go & watch K !!

After that, meeting Issam & Shaiful @ Mcdonalds… before we proceed for dinner @ Kfc.. Yay (=

Also purchase a Kfc mug for 2.95 with any meals.. cool huh =D

last & foremost.. rilek rilek & lepak @ The marina big Staircase.. Yeaa… here are some photos we take’

I think ur hair got Something Fai.. Issam wif da red eye~ hahaks!!

Smile everyone!!!

Cookies & Cream


A Surprise gift

Hey !!

I went out last weekend to find a birthday gift for a friend of mine.. DiDn’t know what to buy, coz he’s a guy.. Me & Fai walk all over frm orchard rd, and we dun have a present in mind.. So after we had dinner @ Lucky’s Plaza Ayam penyet Ria, fuh, the place has finally renovated. Looks damn nice, The seating capacity looks big oso.. We met Shahril & Alfarahizah Awangit.. Ceh ~ hafal sey nama (= feewitt.. Normal, Pecel lele & Ayam penyet Sayap.. We talk over what to get for this friend of mine, haiz… & fai came out with something finally… As i thought it over, i think this present shouldn’t be a problem.. So off to Suntec..


Mid-week shopping !!!

For those of you who are twenty one years old and above, I presume you guys have already received Ers money on 1st April.. for those who have not, pls be patience..  You guys gonna receive soon =D haha (= Happens to be my off day, Went to shop some of the things yesterday with Fai to Beach rd, Suntec, The Central & Changi Airport . 

First up to beach rd, so long sia never go there, where u can find all army things.. but my intension is to buy sandals.. finally got it @ 18 bucks !! haha..

off next to marina for tea-time @ killeney as per normal.. haha.. very the enjoying the coffee har this time around.. nothing happen =p hehe.. loL~ Off to bata’s Suntec to bought mywork shoes.. it’s time for me to change though, since daa berlapok.. So get attracted to one of the latest design there .. so I grab it.. Wee~

take a scroll along esplanade to The Central for some fresh air… Fresh air ? haha.. weather so hot laa sey..  Finally we reached.. (= Yeaa..

Yeaah !! Peace people !!!

After that Dunno where to go, Suddenly Fai thinking of going to airport, since he know that i wanted to go for a long time, juz that got no accompany.. that’s all..



We reach Terminal 3 !!!!!!! loL~

Inside e’ Sky Train off to T3

T3 was amazing although it’s a bit quiet same goes for T2.  We had fun there walking all over around Da plc.. Tired laa Sey..

Anyway thanks for the great accompany ~

Study hard !!! All e’ best for your upcoming exams..


Cookies & Creme’


Karao-ke hor…



Went out wif some of the guys last friday to cash studio orchard to tarik suara.. till got sore throat sia…loL~

As per normal, all the super stars who came later without informing..

So We proceed first laa.. K nite Starts off @ 7pm.. What are u waiting for.. Sing !!!!! ~~

Firdaus & Shafar

Rafiz & Hazim

Hilmi & Rizal

Fai & Awan

3 hours back to back..

Great* fun singing, entertaining ourself!! nice to hang out with u guys..A million thanks to firdaus yah ~ May allah bless u the many many.. insya’allah ~ (=


Ps : I miss the dealova song sang by zaki.. aW…

Cookies & Cream


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A Trio – Birthday

Happy birthday to you…

Happy birthday to you..

Happy birthday to the 3 of you..

Ina, Shahdan & Dalilah

Happy birthday to you !!

May the 3 of you in da pink of health always !!

A snake & ladder frm Prima Deli & a lovely cake frm Ikhwan..


Here We’re last monday @ the aloha chalet.. Huh.. Chalet on e’ monday ? loL~ this is new.. Anyway I had lotza fun !! N’joy to da fullest.. tadaa ~

The orang dapors..

The CB gang

Spot the 5 Couples in the photo.. loL~


We also played the Squirrel game.. lepak sey… hehe.. Anyway.. i had fun on this chalet with all of u. thanks once again.. (=

Cookies & Cream..