An Enjoyable trip to KL…

Hey Hey Hey…

As u guys noe, I went for a 4 day holiday trip to KL last Fri, with friends & Family…

Here’re Some photos we took during the trip..

Our Tour Guide : Nasuha Torawi bin Abas a.k.a Jon

Day 1 First Stop : Macap / PutraJaya / Genting Highland / Masjid India

An half an hour break @ Macap before we reach KL..

Journey was so long as we enter by Second link, and there’s lotz of toll, after We left macap, the long journey begins, passby, melaka, Seremban & tadaa~ Putrajaya

Arrived at Putrajaya mosque @ 0430am early in da morning, Half of te ppl inside the bas have gone dead.. haha so we had some rest before we enter the Putrajaya mosque.. Such a big place, u might mistook it for a museum.. but it’s actualli a mosque laa sey..

Such a beautiful Scenery i must say..



Happy Birthday Nooraisah

Wishing Nooraisah a Happy 22nd Birthday

May you’re in the pink of health always… (=

Insya’allah, sambutan pat KL yer !! =p


Here’s a lil update on a current drama i’m watching every weekdays late afternoon.. starring my idol, Iqram Dinzly…

Every Monday – Thursday, 6.30pm (TV3)

Bella, a bubbly young girl, the rebel daughter of a wealthy businessman and a talented artist. Unlike her father, Bella’s passion is towards art rather than their family business. But when she found herself involved with a love interest at the office, little did she know that her perfect life is about to crash. In this new series, family intrigue, romance, murder, manipulations and love will prevail.

Cast : Elly Mazlein (Bella), Ako Mustapha (Dr Rayyan), Azhar Sulaiman (Shah), Iqram Dinzly (Zahar), Irma Hasmie (Dr Mia)

Happy Birthday Mum !!

Selamat menyambut ulangtahun yg ke- 54

Allah Selamatkan kamu..

Allah Selamatkan kamu..

Allah Selamatkan my dearest mum

Allah Selamatkan kamu..

All in One..

Awan, Fai, Issam & Shaiful Zrroooom to Jb last Friday ..

Wanna wake these guys up is so the leceh in da morning.. call & call, 3 – 4 times than pick up.. Wah sey.. Meet Issam & Shaiful, as they are Driving, then off to pick Fai up @ 1215.. We enter by Second link, as there are lesser cars.. Yet So many tolls.. Aiyo yo..Got lost on our way, for a while to our very first location.. till me met a lorry overturn after a bend.. alamak…

Semangat abg Fai kita amek gambar.. Kalah reporter.. loL (=

Our first stop is Tebrau City Jusco.

Here we’re, reaching @ 3pm

Fuh~ my first time sia go here.. hmmm… very big oso har the building.. not bad..

Tebrau City Jusco

First up, Went to the movies to book a tix called Congkak~ heheh.. been wanting to see this movie since last mth sey.. Finally !!!

Issam & da tickets..

While wating for the show @ 9pm, We had our heavy lunch @ Kenny Rogers… Was Awesome ~

Cream of Chicken Soup

Quater Chicken & 3 Side Dishes each..

Off to Larkin for a while after the lunch, to do some shopping… Dunkin Donuts is a must… Haha (=

Got home after the congkak~

Yesterday itself watching movie again.. haha.. Movie Marathon eh.. loL~

Book a tix @ Gv Vivo..

Yeaa.. We’re watching Ironman..

had lunch @ Seah Imm, where a saleslady came to us & promote her Umbro Fragrance @ Only 25 bucks.

She say, brand Umbro will be launch by early next mth, so we’re the first to grab these hot deals..

not only that, Pay 25 dollars, & get one free… best kan.. apa lagi.. sapu lah.. Mcm tau jeK, perfume Adidas aku daa abes.. loL~

Off to marina, to have some coffee @ KaK gloria, and I bought a pair of jeans for lyke after so long.. I think it’s time to get a few more, plus some shirts while going to KL later… really looking forward to it laa sey… (=

Ironman rocks the Max Theatre @ Cinema 1.. Fuh ~ Power giler dgr background & the surrounding.. Thumbs up !!

Finally … Had a lovely dinner.. ahar.. this time around a little bit different.. We try Earl Swensens…

Wuhoo~ nice place… very posh.. I loike !!

Menu is totally different.. they are more to salad & grills..

The Items we’ ordered..

. Calamari Fritti

. Us Fries

. CrayFish & Seafood Pasta

. Mango Smootie

. Apple Crumble

Fuyoh, Fuyoh!!

Delicious laa beb !! Mammamia.. How I wish, i can eat here again, So for those who havent try yet… what are you waiting for..Wee~.

till then..

Cookies & Cream…

Happy Labour Day

Ok peeps.. I Juz wanna wish all of You who are working a Happy Labour Day.. Wee~ I’m working as well for today.. haha (= Am looking forward to watch congkak tomorrow.. yayness~