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As for yesterday, I realli have a special occasion is to attend my friend’s wedding.. So I take leave especially for him.. haha.. First and for all… Selamat pengantin baru to my all time favourite friend laa.. Muhammad Syafiq bin Taib.. Before reaching his block, Myself, Saleem & Kamarul Naquib met together first when we enter the Majlis.. Yeaa… Kpak Kpak.. Bing Bing..



Hey.. Spent my time yesterday watching The Incredible Hulk @ Gv Max VivoCity..

Show starts @ 4pm.. and i didn’t expect the threatre gonna be cold lorr.. sekali aunty pat sbelah pakai sweather… aisey..

Fuh ~ Dahsyatt !!! Surrounding dierr kalah home threatre…

Mcm dalam angan angan ada dinosaur jejak pat situ… i must say power laa.. haha..


I’ve been tagged !!!

Muahahahaha… Zaimah.. thanks eh..

For the first time, i’ve been tagged !!! Aiseyman…

I have to answer 10 questions.. loL~

1 : What Do you want most now ?

A : I need a good and Stable carrier… Yeaa… Cita Cita mesti tak menjadi.. haish…

2 : Where will you go if someone sponsors you a ticket ?

A : I will definetely go to Hongkong Disneyland laa… Been wanting to go there laa sia.. but tak kesampaian..

3: What’s your favourite thing to do ?

A : Watch movie.. hehe.. Surf Facebook of coz’ my pasttime.. ( Wee )

4 : Have you ever thought of dreaming to be perfect ?

A : Definetely Yesh laa .. Ceh.. Who dun want.. So no ones purffect here.. Dun complain horr..

5 : What Do you thing abt yourself ?

A : Sometimes feeling lonely… boring, cheerful, happy go lucky & I will get mad someday.. haha..

6 : Do you believe you can survive without money ?

A : According to my savings, not enough leh.. So i think should be laa.. if realli urgent , I’ll break my Piggy bank..

7 : Do you thing there is such thing called ” Love”? Reason ?

A : of coz yes !! Love is when a person truly loves the other party from the bottom of his heart… So romantic.. I loike !!

8 : If you win 1 Million, what would you do ?

A : haha.. gd question !! I will Save some of it… and i’ve been wanting to buy a lappy and Plasma tv for myself.. Cey Cey.. Kaya laa Sey !!! Wah Sey…

9 : What do you dream about doing in the future ?

A : In years to come, My dream is to become a successful man someday and take care of my family.. (=

10 : What makes you happy ?

A : Happy.. Sha la la la la.. everybody should be happy… Sha la la la la la.. I’m happy when a person realli understands how i feel & loves me.. Or shall I Say, tears of joy makes me happy…

All answers are being answered truthly…

bukan rekayasa eh.. wakakakaka..

All right reserved…

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Pagi di Era..

Hey.. Memang tak kering gusi mendengarkan 3 penyampai radio yg menceriakan pagi anda iaitu Nana, Kieran & Adi, Pagi Di Era diaktifkan oleh Duniaku, Maxisku..


Swensens Vs Narnia

Hey there…

Watch Narnia Prince Caspian @ GV Marina together wif Fai yesterday.. Movie was absolutely good lah.. Suggest for those who havent watch it, go laa & see.. Although I didn’t noe the beggining from last season, it was a bit blurr at e’ first part while watching, but I manage to understand the story.. haha..

But before the Show Starts @ 0650pm, Dinner first up laa.. Yeaa.. makan time !

Calamari Rings & Baked Mussels

Chilli Fish pasta & Salmon & Mushroom pasta

Chicken In a Jacket

Wantan & Blackrose

See.. Even the menu itself I recognised wif their names.. haha..

Someone say we’re the ambassador of Swensens laa sey =p

Anyway… Enjoy to our heart content while eating… Wah.. Ho Sek lah.. 6 pack tetap maintain eh.. xD.. loL~

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