Parts of my memory.. ( Centrepoint )

The place I was born way back in 2004. I miss those days in Cafe’ Then to Bistro it renovated and change everything.. and now, it will never come back again.. Although four great years have passed, all I can say is life have to go on to other place where the location u will be.. Memories still kept in my heart.. The lovely ones of coz.. I’m not there on the very last day, the day itself closed, I’m going to KL that time.. So too bad. In fact I run first and my last shift there.. well.. Now you can find me in Cafe’ Ngee Ann City Level 5. Here’ are da photos as a rememberance… Enjoy (=

Can you see Da ice… 0 Degrees.. better than some other country =p


Menjelajah Ke Kuala. Lumpur..

Wee ~ Assalamualaikum…

Huhu ~ I juz got back frm honeymoon @ KL, over the weekend.. hahaha.. Actually holiday only.. Yeaa.. Plan long time ago wif Issam & Shai, just that have da feeling of going or not going.. that’s all.. uh uh.. But last min, someone change plan of going, so alhamdullilah ~ Dun complain K.. Ssshhh !! This time around full of entertainment.. but less shopping to compare frm last may I visited there.. So here we’re staying @ Ancasa Hotel juz beside Puduraya Bus int….


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Changes …

Here’s a little update about myself.. Yeaa…

Check it out ~

I started Delifrance in 2004 till – Present

Cafe time with Rosli & Fadhilah.. Look @ me.. very funny hor wif that cap on … Say bonjour !!!

Bistro time with da gangs.. & Celebrities.. Juliana Banos

This is new me.. My fourth Uniform.. haha (=

Awan, Jess & Cindy smiling right to the end ~

All in blue neck tie ~ My Da’ Jie & Xiao mei

Siti Nasuha visited Deli, wif his beloved son Putera Naufal ~

Centrepoint closing soon.. 5 more days… I’m truly sad.. There’s many happy moments we had over here that cannot be missed… I’m Shifting.. I’ll tell ya soon ~ Cao for now…

Cookies & Creme’



Yeaa.. last week, I manage to see Hancock.. oK laa the show.. not bad.. mcm ala ala The Flash atau superman gitu.. haha.. Also went dinner @ Sakura International Buffet.. Huhu.. eat to our heart content sey.. Feewitt (= Bergelodak perot ku.. loL~ haha…

Starring Will Smith..

These are Da foods which makes me Pregnant.. hahaha… From Sushi to Siew Mai… Enjoy… (=

The Food Critics and testers..

Nie nak lepas gerram…

For those who do not know.. Deli @ Centrepoint is closing down soon On the 18th.. yg tak sedap didengar ialah akan ku berpisah dgn kengkawan ku semua.. I’m going to somewhere else to be incharge of the shop… hmmm.. dgr dgr mcm byk kerja gitu.. It’s still Deli, but different location.. yar lorr.. but it’s still in town area.. So find out & Stay tuned and I’ll tell u more.. (=

Till then..

Cookies & Cream..