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Happy 43rd Birthday Singapore

Happy 43rd to Singapore !!!

May Our country will be more greener & clean.. Of Cos.. haha..

Singapura bandaraya, tuan yuan kunjunginya,

mari kita bersuka ria..

Love that song.. Wee ~

Happy Hols to all including the ones off on monday =p

Cookies & Cream

Dinner wif Deli Centrepoint @ Seoul Garden

Hey Hey… i write 2 post in a day.. Wah lao.. haha.. But da previous on is in malay vers.. Well this time around, is abt Dinner.. Yeaa… Makan lorr.. After since the Closure of Centrepoint, All of us go seperated way.. I mean shifted to Different outlet. And this is the only outlet I’ve been staying since the start of my day 1 in work till to the end. But it’s good for us to re-united again, Yeaa.. Jess & me taken up da suggestion of having Dinner together.. and the day comes.. Last Sunday, @ Nac Seoul Garden Level 5, Our group is da loudest among the rest..


Jelajah Era bersama Perodua Viva


Ding Dong Ding Dong.. Daa 7 August.. Hampir lupa nak ucapkan Selamat hari jadi kepada Era pada tanggal 1 Aug. Semoga mereka akan memutarksn lagu lagu best lagi pada masa yg akan dtg. As for ma frens, Happy Birthday to them as well, On da 7th Fazlee & Haniff on da 10th. Semoga dilimpah kan rezekinya pada masa yg akan dtg. Insya’allah..