Jangan Tegur


Awan wanna watch dis movie !!!!!!!!!!!

As for me, Movie Lovers, There’s alwaes a movie to catch. I remember, i did watch a movie 4 weeks in a row… Fantastic isn’t it ? Back to ther story.. Ok, if last tyme there is Jangan pandang Belakang, and also Congkak

Dis time around Director Pierre Andre is wif his new Movie called

Jangan Tegur


The story begins when Natasya awakes from a coma that resulted from an accident. During her coma, Natasya was often haunted by dreams of a missing girl. After having gained consciousness, these dreams that continue to plague Natasya are further amplified by Natasya’s new found ability; the ability to see ghostly apparitions that others could not.

Journey into the world of black magic & the supernatural as Natasya investigates the reason for her twisted dreams and uncovers the most horrific secrets that threaten to destroy Natasya and all that she holds dear.

Inspired by the classic horror film The Exorcist, Pierre Andres (JANGAN PANDANG BELAKANG’s director) piece is a spine-chilling and suspenseful tale of the supernatural.

Although it has already started shown @ Malaysia now, It is also on theatres on GV Tampines Mall & GV Yishun Or Eng Wah Cinemas starting 23 April 2009.

So dun wait… Go and Watch !!!!!!

Cookies & Cream

Woman dead after eating at Geylang Serai food stall

SINGAPORE: The Geylang food poisoning outbreak claimed its first victim on Monday. 57—year—old canteen assistant Aminah Samijo died at 6.50am.

A statement from the Changi General Hospital (CGH) said Mdm Aminah suffered from acute renal failure as the infection had affected her kidneys.

She was hospitalised on Friday at 11.45pm after she became unconscious after eating Indian rojak (salad) at a Geylang Serai market stall.

CGH said she was unresponsive and had breathing difficulties. She had a fever and was diagnosed with severe gastroenteritis.

CGH said Mdm Aminah was treated with antibiotics and put on a ventilator support. She was also given medications for low blood pressure and diarrhoea. Mdm Aminah passed away without regaining consciousnesses

CGH said it is unable to comment on the cause of her death as it is now under a coroner’s inquiry.

As of Monday, the hospital has treated 77 patients who came down with food poisoning. 16 of them are currently hospitalised at CGH and are in a stable condition. They were admitted for diarrhoea and dehydration and were treated with antibiotics and intravenous infusion.

Meanwhile, a 38—year—old woman miscarried after contracting food poisoning from eating rojak from the same stall. Rosiah Samat lost her two—month old foetus over the weekend.

Her husband had bought the rojak for her on Friday. While eating, the housewife noticed that the gravy tasted slightly off. She fell ill hours later and was sent to KK Hospital that evening.

Madam Rosiah has two other daughters. One is twelve years old, while the other is eight.

Another pregnant woman, Madam Sarina, is now recuperating at KKH after eating the same rojak. Her sister—in—law, Madam Sharifah, said she is four months pregnant.

Madam Sharifah said: “My sister—in—law was admitted to KKH with stomach cramps and she had diarrhoea and she was vomitting. From what I understand, the gynaecologist had to do a thorough medical checkup and he checked whether the baby was ok. The heartbeat is alright. So the baby is pretty safe at this point in time.

“But they are keeping a very close watch on her. She is still totally resting in bed. … In her ward, there are other women who are also down with the same (condition) — diarrhoea, due to the same stall. She is still very weak.”

More than 100 people fell ill after eating from Stall number 302, Rojak Geylang Serai.

The National Environment Agency said investigations are still ongoing.

* Ridhwan ambil prihatin atas keluarga mangsa.