Supper on the Weekend..

Salams to aLL…

It’s a Saturday, working morning shift. Alwaes wanted to go out as per normal after work, First up,  Ma cousin did ask me out for cycling @ East Coast a day before, but in the end It was cancel. Reason is so unacceptable.. Was like OMG!!

But no worries, keep chatting on msn & FB, till Sany Poe’ ask me out for dinner at first, but it turned out to be supper instead… haha… Im on for it… Wee ~ He says he wants to bring me to a makan place @ Bukit Batok. But It was located at Bukit Timah after we checked it. But nvr mind, We do learn from mistake aren’t we ? The place was Al-Azhar, siblings to Al-Amin says Sany.. So this is wad we had… tadaa ~


Tak sabar ni nak badok.. Aper lagy..

The Menu :

Ikan Bawal Tiga Rasa,

Tom Yam Soup ayam

Sayur Kangkong

Telur Dadar




The  Honeydew Ice blended is recommended to everyone !! Must try..

SNC00054 (1)SNC00055

* Smiles ((=*


Wantan & Sany Poe’


Sempat berposing-posing..

** Viewers, Pls drop some comments.. thanks !

I’m glad you enjoy the supper Sany..

Cookies & Cream


Heppi Birthday Ms Ifah Belle..

Peace be Upon u Peepz..


yay yay!!! It’s her Birthday laa sehz..

Happy Birthday to you Sharifah Norhafizah.

May you’re in the pink of health alwaes.

On this beautiful 27 June 2009, May you success in everything you do & Yeaaahhh, you must try the vege… dun forget that..Hee… On thursday, went to Orchard walk walk while drinking Ah’Mei Ice Tea, on d’ way frm Shaw House, Saw my werking collegue  Mary Grace my laling.. hehe…


@ Borders Wheelock, browsing magazines


Wif Mary Grace Reyes Tambiao..

Before we proceed to Catch Transformers @ Gwc. Fuh, The Theatre was pack wif viewers. Whoa.. luckily i chop seat liao.. haha

Movie was Awesome !!! Better frm the former one.. I didn’t know Bumblebee cry. haha.. although there r’ some sad momentsin the show, But Im glad viewers also had their Kick ass laughing to this show… Rating 5 stars..

For wad i know, it’s two and a half hour. It’s not boring…




Dis colour of the car reminds me of the Bike in Transformers.. =)





It is my duty to make you smile.. hee.. =p

Cookies & Cream

Gentarasa 2009

gentarasa 2009 logo

Salam to aLL..

Over the Weekend I got invited by my fren for Gentarasa 2009 located @ NYP on the 13th June 8pm. Where he got an extra ticket for the show, and I’m on 4 days off from work and really got no plans, so he ask me along. And Yeaa Yesterday was the show, whom I catch it wif my frens and loved ones.

It was a good Show performance after all.. Thumbs up to them for those who have been working hard practicing the Event. Also thanks to Fadhlur Rahman

for persuading me to attend the Show, Bro I was there.. haha.. Here ‘re the photos… Enjoy..

A Ramlee Gentarasagentarasa 3 guys

gentarasa a ramlee posinggentarasa wushu

gentarasa alahai

gentarasa pahlawan

gentarasa bangra

gentarasa pics 1

gentarasa close up

gentarasa weewitt

gentarasa dikir barat

gentarasa all people

gentarasa cheeze

gentarasa boys

gentarasa wannabe

gentarasa fadhlur

Gentarasa logo 2


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Happenings June 2009

HoLa ~

June is the best time to rest for students and teachers.. Hope Im nt too late to wish them Heppi Holidays. A little Update wif myself, Im still like the way it is, still as one.. Just cure frm some illness few weeks ago.. Been busy wif work as alwaes. This time around, in June itself, there are lots of happenings in living & travel. If you’re planned to go for an holiday, why nt ? I mean, take a good rest after a long day at work. It is time to ease your mind.. Yeaa…

As for television, this June holiday, there’re lots of good programme and activities outside where you can take part in. Like the one Im going is Gentarasa 2009 held @ NYP on the 13 June . I hope it’s gonna be a good show at the Auditorium tonight.. Anugerah 2009 and Singapore Idol has alreadi kicks in. Although we had some critics in Anugerah,  we’re supporting them actually.. haha.. Unfortunately, the judges are still the same..Yeaa..  So pls vote for your Favourite singers….

till then… Im signing off

Cookies & Cream