Selamat Hari Raya Haji 2009

Salams buat semua..

Hanya ku ingin mengucapkan kepada semua umat Islam dimana jua ..

 Selamat menyambut Aidiladha ( Korban ) 2009 . Jangan lupa ke masjid untuk mengambil daging daging korban . Alhamdullilah, masa dgn pantasnya berlalu.. Dan tidak lama lagi kami akan menjejaki bulan yg terakhir buat tahun  2009.

Hensem tk ? hehs =] Salam Aidiladha ..

Di Makkah dgn jema’ah yg mengadap Kaa’bah

It seems like the cube, the Kaaba, was built back in Ibrahim’s time. Ibrahim’s son Is’mail discovered a well in this exact location, and hence managed to stay alive by selling water to the roaming nomads. The well later nourished the born of a city, called Mecca. ( Speaking laa pulak )

Dan akhirnya, santap lah ketupats dgn mesra sblom kamu disantapkan (:


Cousins @ Grandma’s plc – Afiq, Titi, Afiqah, Didi & Hairi

A million thanks to Ashadiq, my lil bro for inviting me to his house ~




( P.S ) : Cinta Fitri Season 5 Coming Soon. yaY !! (:



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Birthdays for SY, Linda and Zaimah


Hey there …

Hope all of you are doing fine. Ouh yeaa.. Hari Raya Haji’s coming soon in couple of days. Two resting days for me. Hope it’s more than enough. As for today, tomorrow and Friday itself, these three people are celebrating their birthdays back to back. From me myself, I would like to wish them A very Happy Birthday, May they succeed in everything they do in their own respectives carrers and God Bless ~ They are the people that are entertaining me from radio to frens a Facebook . Enjoyz ~(  Ps : 2 Dj and I little gerl.. huhu )


 Salih Yacoob ( SY ) – 25 November 2009

Linda Onn ( LO ) 26 November 2009

Nurkhuzaimah 27 November 2009


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2012 .

Halu . This post is gonna be short and simple.

Over the Weekend Awan n Afai visited Marina Square, where the Police are very busy with the Apec thingy. Am glad it’s over today. We catch 2012 at GV after our dinner from Swensens ~ The movie was Awesome !! (:


Now i know why people cry, watching that movie. They very Emo laa.. Even though some scenes tickles me to the fullest, I found that it is a great show. Brilliant ! Yeaa, We were warned. One fine day, the world will come to an End.

2012 (2)

2012 (4)

2012 (1)


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