Happy Birthday Cik Maimon

Hey Hey.. Peace Be Upon You..

Yesterday marks the Birthday for Aunty Maimon’s birthday

She turned Fifty Four years of age.

We managed to celebrate it with her at work place after her work ends.

She cried, when the cake arrived from the Kitchen. She was shocked.

Thankx to Ma’am Doris for reminding us of her birthday.

Secondly to Sir Kelvin for sponsoring the lovely cake.

Aunty Ong gave the red egg for long prosperity. (:

From all of us, apart of SGTM members We would like to Wish you Happy Birthday once again. May you’ll be blessed the many many.


Cookies and Cream


Jom Sakura-ing !!!

It’s my off day.

Eventually, this time around i manage to plan what’s happening on my off day itself. Though I need Suggestions and feedbacks from my relatives.

At noon just nw, went to Golden Mile tower to collect my Cousin’s pay. In the end, It turn out to be a cheque . Kwang 3 … Nearest POSB is at Keypoint, opp The ConCourse. I met Nasruddin !! Miss Him. haha. He changed a lot. Then next, we pass through Arab street, and grab some Suji from Victory, then proceed back to Tampines for a movie @ GV, titled Santau .

The movie was not so scary as what you think, to compared, Jgn Tegur and the rest. I still prefer my Misteri Jam 12 . Hehs =].

Final, We took bus no.3, and I saw another fren of mine, named Effendi. He’s on his way home frm work. Adorable. Proceed to Sakura Buffet @ DowntownEast. Makan time !!!! HurHur.. >.<

Effendi (:


All time Fav, Laksa and The Best Sushi Ever !! Oiishii !!

The Succulent Steak .

In bus no .3 on the way back ~

Ok World peace. After a day of outing, and it’s time to rest.  Hopefully next the outing will be BBQ Chicken and Swensens. (:

till then..

Cookies & Cream