Jom Sakura-ing !!!

It’s my off day.

Eventually, this time around i manage to plan what’s happening on my off day itself. Though I need Suggestions and feedbacks from my relatives.

At noon just nw, went to Golden Mile tower to collect my Cousin’s pay. In the end, It turn out to be a cheque . Kwang 3 … Nearest POSB is at Keypoint, opp The ConCourse. I met Nasruddin !! Miss Him. haha. He changed a lot. Then next, we pass through Arab street, and grab some Suji from Victory, then proceed back to Tampines for a movie @ GV, titled Santau .

The movie was not so scary as what you think, to compared, Jgn Tegur and the rest. I still prefer my Misteri Jam 12 . Hehs =].

Final, We took bus no.3, and I saw another fren of mine, named Effendi. He’s on his way home frm work. Adorable. Proceed to Sakura Buffet @ DowntownEast. Makan time !!!! HurHur.. >.<

Effendi (:


All time Fav, Laksa and The Best Sushi Ever !! Oiishii !!

The Succulent Steak .

In bus no .3 on the way back ~

Ok World peace. After a day of outing, and it’s time to rest.  Hopefully next the outing will be BBQ Chicken and Swensens. (:

till then..

Cookies & Cream


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