A Dinner to remember … (:

Hey Hey..

Last thursday itself, the 18th of March 2010 marks the gathering for SGTM members. The Event was sucessfully organised by me itself. Though it’s really hard to planned it, thankfully it has made a success (:

Big thanks to SGTM members for your support and contributions. And a bid farewell to Siti Syahidah & Muhammad Wan Fadhli. These two are the hardworking staff, I’ve ever known. We will not forget you, not to worry.

To : Cik Maimon,Ayu, Meerah,Nisa,Yana,Siti2,Siti3,Fadhli,Zul,Misuari & myself. thanks for make things happen. We follow up wif bowling @ E-Hub, after the dinner. Well here’s the pic ~

The Successful Event By SGTM



Wantan & The love birds ~

The Madness we had throughout ~

The guys that rocks ~

Posing per gangs ~

Syahidah / Ridhwan / Hasanah

Meerah / Yusof / Nisa / Hasanah


The Laughter we had ~




Gerl Power ~ hurhur


* We are looking forward to our next Event named :

:  Picnic for young at hearts dis coming April 10 ‘


Till then..


Cookies & Cream ~

Sinetrons …

Salams buat semua …

Diam tk diam, sudah pon menjejaki bulan Maret. Hmm.. Surat Reservist pon daa sampai daa.. Finally !!! Holiday in Camp !!!! Woohoo!!!! Suka Bangat ~ Happiness to the fullest !0! (: Masa untuk berehat. Syukur. A lil update untuk penggemar Sinetron dari Indonesia.

Ini adalah Sinetron Sinetron yg terkini dan asyik  menontonnya.

Lama tk nampak Anjasmara akting dlm sinetron ~


Sinetron ini pula kembali dgn aktor Ari Wibowo di SCTV ~


Sinetron yang makin ‘ Seru ‘ oleh penonton (:

Sinetron yang penuh ‘ gah ‘ di Indosiar …



Yg paling ‘ Seru nonton Akting Rama Michael & Laudya Cynthia Bella ~



Cookies & Cream ~

A Flier tells it all…

Salams to all..

Been busy with work life. Still in Probation . hahaks. New Uniform starts on Monday. Wee ~  Btw .. Last Week,  I managed to replace many new things as I could. Like some Electrical appliances and etc.. And the other thing, that I bought as well is Super Antenna. Ouh my. This is my 5th Antenna to get through private channels from Malaysia and Indonesia. All bcos of this flier that is  stucked at my door, a green flier tells that they’re selling a Super Antenna. You have to contact this following person : Mr Zhang at number …

So I manage, called up and order. The next day the man came, and I didnt know it’s really paid off my sweat, searching all those channels from malaysia and Indonesia. Thank god.  Even some private channels from Indon, like IndoSiar & TransTv, though it’s  a bit blur, but still able to seen. The pricing is 90 bucks. Worth. Astro channels in m|O tV is still in. Well this is just an additional to my life entertainment.

As a matter of  fact, These are the channels I get.

. Malaysia

. Indonesia / Batam


With all these stations, They have been spicing up my life, when it comes to my off day. (:



Cookies & Cream