going GaGa over Breakfast (:

Siti 3 and Misuari came to pay us for a visit and dine-in. Miss them working. Reservist commence on Friday. Yay !! It was late @ night after that, Just finishing up my work, and off for a jog. and Ikh’s buzz me up and say, wanna go Lepak at Coffee Club ? I say, hmm .. oK.. We ride to Airport Terminal 3 for today. hehs.

After all that jog, Straight away to Coffee Club and had this Mango Smoothie. was Awesome. The Peppermint Tea was nice too.On the second half, We proceed to the other end for our Breakfast. Yeah, tell me about it again. hahas. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. *Smiles*The Scramble egg and Salmon kick off my tongue. It was Brilliant !! Ikh’s also had that Cheesy Tart Pie or sumthing. Was great as well.

That Aromatic Peppermint Tea (:

Mango Smoothies over at Coffee Club ~

Salmon N’ Egg Muffin ~

The  Salmon Scramble ~

I was freezing like mad where the aircon was too strong. Tak boleh tahan… And off we flew away back home. Wee ~


Cookies & Cream ~


Late night delight over @ T2.

It’s a hard day after all, working from 12-9. Standing is killing me. Seriously. haha.. Where I saw a fren of mine, whom i nvr really known, until she called me. Eh Wan !! Who da hell was this person sia ? loL. Remember me she said.. I try to recall, and.. Ouh… You.. Nice to meet you Siti. She’s my Junior in Secondary School. hehs =]

Straight after work ends, went home, had a bath & prayers.. then off to Airport T2 to lepak-lepak wif Ikh’s. Yeaa.. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf beb !! huhu.. And didnt know that the Buster Weekly Cheesecake is damn Awesome !! I loike !!

We also noticed that the Breakfast is 1 For 1 from 12-5am in the Morning. So while waiting for da breakfast, we had some drinks and talks over at the sofa. It’s Comfy. (: We ordered Brek’ O Day. Da salad was nice though. It goes well wif da raisins, dressing & Nuts. Thumbs up !!

It’s melting in your mouth. Buster Weekly Cheesecake. (:

It’s Worth your money !! 1 For 1 Breakfast @ Coffee Bean (:


Cookies & Cream ~

Picnic over at East Coast wif the kids ..

Another Bright and Sunny Friday, Citizens from SGTM created a Picnic event over at the East Coast Park.  So the location is  to meet at Mcdonalds at 0930am. Though some are punctual, and some are not. Janji diana beb. No comments.

Over to a Shade area, where we unlosen our belongings, and started getting prepared for all da foods and games that we had.

One by One reach wif their belongings and Foods. Yana wif the Bone-Steak, Fai wif that Fried Macaroni,  Zul wif his Fried Rice, Misuari wif his Brownies and Siti 3 wif her Fried chickens.

Games that I’ve learn by 5,4,3,2,1 by Andy. Boom Chucky Chucky by Farah & Captain ball. haha..

Enjoyness to the fullest !!!

These are the laughter we had throughtout ~

Yana & Misuari eating Tulang. Dk picks the Macaroni ~



The girls ~

Fai & Farah eating wif passion ~

 Im like freeze-ing, while Regina keeps the ball in her stomach. Unfair ! =]

Here comes Cik leh attacking the ball. Fai & Zeela kekek ~

The Boom Boom Chucky Chucky, kakak ko peh laki game. loL

Zeela Advertise her Coke Drink, while Andy is damn hungry XD

Im totally scared when Fai jumps over. Careful beb \m/

Till then, there goes our Second outing for SGTM this year. Next upcoming event, not so soon, but they wanna Chalet. I’ll think abt it guys. =D

Cookies & Cream

Pranks over the Airwaves …

Few days ago marks the April Fools on the April’s First.

Radio Jocks Shan Wee & Rosalyn Lee from 987Fm, prank us all. (:

The story begins with over the airwaves, that Ris Low is gonna take over Rozz on the 4-8pm Evening Drive show wif Shan Wee. Reasons for rozz leaving is due to misunderstanding wif The Muttons, if im nt wrong.

So rozz last day is on the 29th of March. While Ris Low is wif Shan co-hosting the Show. And there are lots of question, complains, remarks posted on Facebook saying that Ris voice is not suitable to be heard on air. She sound like one toot. haha.. Most of them die die wanted Rozz back on air.  They are many ungrateful comments, here and there regarding Ris. And while on the end of Muttons to midnight show, Rozz should be meeting them on studio, by saying sorry to rozz from muttons. It strucks midnight, and Rozz shouts APRIL FOOL !!!!

There goes the Prank that most of the Jocks also believes that Rozz is leaving. haha. you guys been fooled !! Shan & Rozz were saying on their show on April first, ” We know you care about us, eventually we wanna treat you to Angry Whooper at $ 1 when you purchase a medium coke. Offer is only on April second.

Buy a Medium Coke

And get a Angry Whooper @ $ 1 only.

Only at Burger King, It just taste Better !!


That’s it !! I’m glad the duo is back hosting The Shan & Rozz Show ~

* The best of Both worlds. ( Ang Moh & Ah Lian )


Cookies & Cream

Dessert melts in my mouth during night .

Chakk !!!

Hee. Very Random sey, during the night, feel like eating Ice Cream. Any brand will do, Must be Ice Cream, can liaO. Reach home at 5pm, after a tiring day at work, become Superman and Wonderwoman, I went for a jog. Then i meet Ikh’s and went to Changi Airport T2 Swensens for desserts. Yum yums ~


I have yet to try Haagen Daz yet and Ben & Jerry Ice Cream

We had our stomach filled wif Fries,  Earthquake and drinks. Ouh It’s heavenly for the Mango & Thin Mint. Soothes my mouth. hehs =] Though it’s quite busy, we’ understand. Like you dunno like that, write feedback form. haha. Ikh’s was , ar, tulis laa kau. haha, tk kuasa nk layan. lol. I met Ah-Ken at Tampines Mall, he came by and say hello to me. He got promoted and took over Vincent’s duty under Catering. Congrats Ah-Ken !! Ah-Wan miss you da many many !!


* Gossips

Many ppl leaves deli as i heard from someone. All the best for them in their new job. Ouh ya, Stock-take is over, Finally, plus the Audit, but doesnt mean i can hooray-hooray. When it’s gonna reach 30 of April ni ? I wanna fly kite !! hurhur. I nid a break. Ouh pls. haha. All right, I’ll see you guys soon. Nytes. ~



Cookies & Cream ~