Shrek. Forever. After.

Hey… Peace Be Upon u peepz !!

When is the last i write in.. haha.. that was before reservist i doubt.

Well, Reservist was hell fun.. yeaah !! Though you be on guard, eat and rest. Miss those guys who have been a lot of watching porn in the bunk. They share lotza info on that One. Ouh. I finally talked to Zul, my primary school fren who have nt been talking to him for ages. he’s da same team as me in this reservist. Miss a whole lot of ya and my troop as well.

Few days back, just return back frm two days course with Zingrillians @ Sim Lim Tower. It’s nice to know a whole bunch of fellas from the company.I’ve gt lots  homework to be done. A presentation was held up over @ T2 on Seventh June. Gosh ! Jia Yoh !!

As for today, It’s my off Day today. Went some massage during da day time to release all those airs in the body. And guess wad ?

It’s Shrek !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeaah.. Am so gonna catch it on the Threatre.It Premieres today. Watch da show @ Marina. Was a Hilarious movie. Awesome, since it’s the final Chapter. Aw…


Popcorn Combo & d’ Shrek Cup !! * Smiles*

The New Helix Bridge links to IR Marina ~

Mcm faham jer jengok jengok tu ~


Till then Signing off


Cookies & Cream ~


Happy Birthday mum !!! (:

Though Mother’s day is coming soon, I’ll celebrate it together yesterday.

Heppi Birthday mum. You’ve turned 56 yesterday. From all of us, yr son and daughters, we will always pray for you, may you’ll be in the pink of health and stay happy (:

A sponsored cake by me to you, from Coffee Bean & some pastries as well.

We also have golden pillow and other foods .. Wee ~

Happy 56th Birthday !!! (:


French Pastries at it’s best ~

A pack of mini sandwich ~

A closer look at the decorations. All chocolate sia =.=

It’s Blueberry Youghurt ~


Hope you like the present that I gave it to ya ~


Cookies & Cream