Yoghurt & Dishwasher

All right It was a rainy day, where Myself and Fadh met up @ Tampines Mall for a quick lunch over at Food Culture. Go for the Chicken Rice.. Hmmm.. nt bad lah.. My cuzzie join us and off to Tampines 1 to crave for some desserts.We went to Fro Lick for some flavoured Yoghurt and had some laughs over there.

And It had come to an end, where Octo Jet Dishwasher been with us for all these while. They are bunch of nice fellas, who’s  been washing all the plates and cutleries all these time. And we have come to a decision, where we bought them a cake. May you guys work with happiness alwaes, in yr new environment. Thkx for yr contribution lots. Now with the Sri Lankans, We try our best to communicate ~ hehs =]

Now you see it ~

Now you don’t

Brudder lurrrve ~

Wif yr Brudder. OMG.

Wif the Staffs.. Zeela.. Oops !!

Uncles & Aunties ~


Till we meet again >.<

Cookies & Cream ~

Happy Birthday Derek

I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to One of my best staff ever, named Derek. We’re so sad of yr late grandma who passed on last two weeks after your Birthday.

But afterall, dun be too sad, and cheer up all right. we’re always be there for you. (: The lovely cake from Polar Puff, and dinner @ Swensens are especially for you.

Wantan & Derek

The Giant Earthquake

From Us : Myself, Aunty Maimon, yana, Siti 1 & Zul, Hope you have enjoyed the celebration with us ~


Cookies & Cream ~

Pemergian Nasnah Bte Mohamad

Kepada Nenekku yg amat kami cintai selalu, Nasnah Bte Mohamad, Atas pemergianmu pada 14.06.10 jam 10.05 pagi,  semoga Allah memcucuri rohmu pastinya. Insya’allah. Kami akan selalu mengenangmu hingga ke akhir hayat kami.

 Jika ada salah dan silap, mahupun terkasar bahasa, ma’afkan lah anakanda kami ini. Kami juga akan tetap menyukai kuih kegemaran nenek yaitu Kueh Koswee. Hingga ketemu pada suatu hari nanti di syurga. Wassalam..


Cookies & Cream

June Holidays ~

Month of June kicks in

 Be well prepared, it’s getting busy at work wif students here and there.. ( Im Busy!!!!!! ) says Lady Gaga.. hahaha… And also not forgotten Great Singapore Sale has started !!!! Shopping !!!! hee =D. The Gss Offset Package is also in on first July onwards. Check it out ~

First and foreall, I would like to congrats to fadhilah, my best friend on her way to TP for motorcycle. Good Luck gerl. And Yesterday was the day of month-end count stock. phew !! Counting da stars wif Aaron. he’s my last resort. And finally it ended. syukur.

Am feeling bad that I never send my Indon fren to airport, as he’s going back home to Jakarta. Am glad he has reach the destination wif peacefully. Sorry Marcel. Im looking forward to see you again, whenever you visited Singapore aite. Hope you like the prezzie that I gave you. All the best in your studies and carrer ~ Those were the days wif memories, just knowing you for three greatful weeks (:

Act cool only >.<


*Smiles * 🙂

This is when i told him nt to smile, and he did it.. hahakx !! :p

*Sings* You are, the Only Exception ~


Miss your bahasa Sunda while talking to you. Keep it touch. 😉


Cookies & Cream