Finish my food Friday.

Hey all,

It’s been raining since morning. Weather keeps changing here and then. That’s why people intend to get sick. Well i just recovered. hee =] Yeaah, Sore throat, Running nose, headache and leg pain. All 4 in 1 Combo come together. Gosh. Was realli painful though, when you want to conduct prayers, but u cant. so in the end solat dudok. terpaksa.

After te prayers at Ba-alwi mosque, Straight away went to JP to meet Nur & Zaimah for makan makan. It’s been a while though, drop by JP. So off we go to Swensens. Whee ~ if im nt wrong, I just went last week wif the Zingrill peepz last week @ Chinatown. loL ~ these time around is Nur’s treat. Thank you so much Nur for the food. And congrats on your results. You’ve made it gerl.

Wantan, Jonurie & Nur

lil’ updates on werk, Due to National Day’s on the nineth, well, that seems to be my last day. I have to part with Zingrill till then and rest for a while. Still got many things to do at home, before the ramadan kicks in on the eleventh. Ouh ya… I nid to paint my house !!!!!! Gosh. Whu wanna help me.. guess i nid to call my auntie’s maid for some cleaning and helping. Tomorrow countstock, hehe.. for the last time. Ouh Finally !!!!! loL Ramadan faster come. im waiting !!!!!!!!!!!! (:




Cookies & Cream


Sinetron Updates

Hey all..

Just to update you guys for those who lurrrve Sinetrons. Two more episodes before the finale of Kesetiaan Cinta. One of the cast who plays evil, realli looks like Ifah Norhafizah.. hehe.. same face. if you’re reading this post, dont take it too hard yaw ~And Sinetron Sinar itself, have made my day alwaes, by watching Ririn Dwi Ariyanti cast in the drama, She’s just Awesome..

 It just makes me happy. And also looking forward to Cinta Fitri Season 6 coming soon, Where revenge takes place of killing farrel. stay tuned, as all this excitement is coming up… Cant wait for fasting.. yeay !! (:


Ririn Dwi Ariyanti & Chicco Jericho in Sinetron Sinar ~


Till Then


Cookies & Cream

987FM is @ Scape .

It’s been twenty one years listening in to 987fm. Happy Birthday to em’once again. They are pointless now, no more Perfect 10 or 98.7, but it’s 987. Yeaahh !!  And even now, they have their own brand new studio located @ Orchard Rd, Scape. Just like Lush 99.5Fm is @ Orchard Central. Though the Crews had a re-shuffling in timing last monday,

 It’s great listening to them wif a new time slot on weekdays. And even the programmes on the weekend also do have a new slot. Great work guys. Though I have visited the Studio just now, It was truly Awesome !!!!!!!!!! =D

I’ll promise next time ard, i will take some photos wif the crews.. ~

Now broadcasting you live from SCAPE ~

If there’s no access entry to this door, Pls let me be the first to enter. loL !!


AM JAM – Davin &Vanessa 6-10 am

DES IN THE MIDDLE – Desiree Lai 10-12pm


MUTTONS ON THE MOVE – Justin Ang & Vernon A – 4-8pm

SAY IT WITH MUSIC – Shan & Rozz – 8-12am

THE NIGHT IS YOUNG – Mr Young – 12-3am


Cookies & Cream ~