Haze is back ~

Hey all Assalamualaikum…

Hope everyone is fine out there. Since the hazy is back, due to the chopping down trees and  fire at Sumatra . These few days has been really really bad, so my advice is to stay indoors.

I ‘ve yet to inform the rest of you, who likes watching sinetron ( soap drama )

well, you can catch it online @ http://www.indoweb.tv . There are many channels located there. Being yesterday the 20.10.2010 , W.E.F Channel TPI is now known as MNC TV.  The company which shares TPI, RCTI & GLOBAL TV. Don’t be shocked if you switch on to TPI, but u saw different logo. they have change their brand, even to the main website as well.

is known as

Till then,

Cookies & Cream ~