Happy Birthday Ridhwan !!!

enIt’s fourteen december today. The day i was born. I would like to wish myself a Happy Birthday. For all wishes in facebook, thank you so much. Wishes, frm cousins to relatives, friends and aunty, Without you guys, i will not be here till today.

To ma aunty, million thanks for the treat @ Simpang Bedok. Enjoy-zing the dinner wif the cake lots. After this dinner, will be the second round for cake cutting. Woohoo.. thanks for the both cakes sponsored by Prima Deli . Cupcakes from Coffeebean. Thanks Leon for handling my order. Lurrving that so much. Peace.. Cant wait for Christmas, got another cake ordered from him. >.<

Cookies & Cream ~


Sinetron Updates


First and foremost, to all Muslim Slamat menyambut Ma’al Hijrah 1432.

Hey guys, these are the latest updates on the new Sinetron in Indonesia. (:

Season 2 Sinetron Taxi kini tayang di Indosiar jam 2100 WIB .

Dia Anakku tayang jam 1900 WIB


Pejantan Cantik dibintangi Agnes Monica jan 2000 WIB .


Slamat Menonton ~


Cookies & Cream ~

37th S.S.E.A.Y.P Rocks !!!!

Hey there..

Peace be upon you peepz ..

It’s December Baby !!!!!!!!! Yay !!!!!!!

37th SSEAYP for this year has come .


A two days off, after working hell @ Clifford. Madness and Crazyness to the fullest. hahaha… Like Finally !!! Two days ago, after 7pm, I was at Ping Yi Sec for picking up my PY’s for this year SSEAYP Programme. Thinking of someone out of all the sudden. R.A.N.D.O.M . So what i did was is to obtain a tag numbered SM 62 . Was seated at the hall, till the matchmaking for the youth starts. Whats SSEAYP stands for ? Any idea ?? It’s Ship for South East Asia Youth Programme. My two Py’s One is from Cambodia, and the other was from Brunei. Both of them was nice to hang out with.


So basically the night itself, nothing much, bringing them around to the Malls surrounding the Estate, and we hang out at Coffee Bean. The day after was a long day indeed. I have to become a tour guide of the day, since none of them knew nothing next to singapore. My first stop of the day was to have breakfast at afghanistan. Was Awesome. then we’re off to Orchard Road for a sight-seeing . The decorations of Christmas tree was brilliant and everything was arranged accordingly and up displayed.

Saiful had an hair-cut at KlearCut’s Far East Plaza, recommended by me. And Honda manage to buy a dress for her girlfriend, after we had the one hour round the mall.hahaha..Was on the way to bus stop till i saw Om Manoj Punjabi, the produser of MD Entertainment outside Hyatt Hotel. Damn rich wif a huge car. Took bus 143 and we’re off to Chinatown for another sight view. Lunch was sponsored by Swensens, thanks to the Sagitarrius baby who treated them. lolx. A heavy downpour after that, till we decide to say indoor and off to Marina Sq and Bugis Street. There’re some changes here n there, after so long never step my foot at that plc.Some few things change. A Christmas show by the HI-5 makes the children shout out loud at the Centre stage of Marina Sq. Off for a dinner at Tong Seng Coffeeshop, where the guys are craving for Singapore Chicken Rice. (: Honda ate two plate of chicken =.=” Ouh Ouh..

My Final Destination  was Bugis Street. Though the rain still have nt stop, Saiful still shop for a bag by Zinc. Hope he like it lots.

Just now was the Closing Ceremony for the 37th SSEAYP held at Habourfront. Next stop, PY will proceed for the last destination that is Vietnam. The ceremony was from cheers to tears. We have to apart from them, though it’s only for a short while. So while it lasts, we can alwaes add them up on Facebook,Twitter, msn, yahoo or Skype. Have a safe journey my dear friends, and I miss you all lots. till we meet again soon.  The latest Version of Fuji Maru. more pics to come after Zaimah’s update the photos.

Bon Voyage ~


Cookies & Cream ~