A tribute to Abang Abang 2002 – 2011

His name is Abang Abang.
He is my inspiration.
He is my first generation cat.
Till he took his last breath on 19.01.11 0515am
It has been 9 greatful years taking care of him.
He has been the bright, cheerful, knowlegable cat i’ve known.
I miss him lots .
I will always remember you abang abang.
May you R.I.P peacefully. Amin.

He pose wif Jack Jack’s cuttie ~

Posing on the sofa ~


Lying down on my bed and bantal busyuk ~


All 3 lying next to each other begin wif poty,milo & abang2



Wif this tribute to you, i will alwaes remember you in my heart ❤


Cookies & Cream ~

Happy Birthday Mr Allegic to Prawns ~

Happy Birthday to you …

Happy Birthday to you …

Happy Birthday to Mr.Allergic to Prawns

Happy Birthday to you …

Chocolate Cake 500gm sponsored by Delifrance ~


Tiup lilinnya Tiup lilinnya,

Tiup lilinnya serta mulia…

serta mulia…

May your wishes & dreams come true..


Heppy 24th Birthday big boy. sempat amek gambarnya dgn helmet ~


Buat Arwah nenekku yg telah meninggal dunia pagi tadi, & menjagaku dari kecil,Walaupun kau telah meninggalkan kami semua, kami akan sentiasa mengingatkan jasa dan budi mu bila kami berada disisimu hingga nafas terakhir. Pemergianmu amat dihargai sekali.


Hanya gambar inilah bersama Nina, yang memberi kenangan buat diriku. Semoga rohmu ditetapkan antara golongan yang beriman. Insya’allah. Amin ~ 😥


Rest in Peace Grandma ❤


Bits & Cookies ~

Dinner & Movie ( Gullivers Travel )

Hey there. It’s been great pleasure to have 2010 with us. There’s been lotsa great and unforgettable memories left. But a great kick start to 2011 is much more better i guess. Hopefully this year will bring us prosperity and many good lucks.

January !!!!!! New Year was shagged for me, Had to work though, but overall nothing special. Reservist coming soon for IPPT & SHOOTING. Am so looking forward to it. meeting old frens.

It has been Cloudy and Rainy for the past few days. It’s good to stay indoors aite. While Yesterday had already planned with bestie to go out for dinner and movie, together celebrating his twenty-fourth birthday in advance . (:

Nowhere else to go, Marina is the word.. Planned to have dinner at Swensens and Gullivers Travel for the movie @ GV.

Show was damn funny, Both of us laughed to our hearts out. Truly enjoyed lots.

Off to ECP to have some warm down after dinner and surfing the net ~

Here’s the pics ~

Awesome Movie !!!!!!

Yeaa !!!!! Peace~ Kok muka kaget doang.. hahahahaha =p

All Time Favourite Grilled Salmon ~

Going gaga over bananas, It’s Banana Crumble ~ ( Pinch Nose )


Plenty of Swensens Vouchers Inside ~ Like this must go again .


Mr Allergic to Prawns ~

Last Christmas for 2010


Well i hope it’s not too late to update about Christmas. Errr… If many people who are crazy over presents, But Im actually going gaga over Food when it comes to Christmas !!! Here’re the pics ~

Silent Night

Chocolate Brownie from Coffee Bean ~

All time Favourite Yuletide Log Cake ~


Roast Turkey Breast ~


Cookies & Cream ~