Blessed Friday

Im awaken by The Rude’s Awakening show by Shan over the radio, while that Rihanna Song, titled S  & M was played. Surfing the net like normal, watching Tere Liye @ 11 am. Was planning to go Ghufran alone today for friday prayers, when Indra smsed me last min,  Sholat Juma’t nngak ? Ikut Donk ? hahaha. So i reply him straight away, where we had our friday prayers @ Masjid Al- Abdul Razak .

We had a blessful friday after all. Went for lunch at Bedok Point . Manage to survey price plans for Singtel & Starhub for Samsung Galaxy tab. It’s Coming my way … hahaha..  So many food shops around. headache. Manage to find Gong – Cha !!! Woohoo ~

Lunch at The Chicken Rice Shop & We had Gong – Cha together-gather (:

Chicken Rice at its best ~

Matcha wif Red Beans & Pearl Milk Tea ~


Cookies & Cream  ~

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