Random.Cases (:

Hey guys, I’ve been wanting to blog again, and i blogged. haha.., as someone shared me the news what’s been happenning and i’m quite actualli pity for him. Well there’s two case scenario.

First Scenario 

A female friend of mine, who is in a confuse state of mind where, she is traumatised living with his siblings and dad. She’s still schooling, met her few days back, as we often shared problems with each other. When i actually hear her story, i actually pity her as, she is the one who’s been handling housework, babysitting, tuition-ing, and coping with studies. All in One ?? I don’t think she deserve to be treated like this. His dad and mum already seperated, where they are staying at different locations. Whatever it is, Don’t be too stressed out, cos I’m always there to help.

Second Scenario

Another guy friend of mine is actually having difficulties, as he is not local. I shouldn’t mentioned his name. He is a nice person. He have alwaes helped me a lot. I can’t helped him further more, as My income is not that big enough. Though, i felt sorry and pity for you dude. I know how you felt with your problems. Like i always mentioned, No matter how big or small your problems are, share among your friends or relatives, as they can helped. But not keeped to yourself. Defenitely you’ll go gaga over it. Well at least you have shared your problems with me, when i meet you just now. I try my very best, of thinking other ways to help you. Cos, you’re supporting your family as well. I’m always there dude for help.

** Updates from Reservist **

Yesterday cooked Potatoes wif eggs, the normal menu i used to cook, and i bring a big tupperware and ta bao for the guys to try. I’m glad, majority of em’ liked it. The very last tour will ends this sunday. As i’m planning to cook Macaroni Bolognaise. Hopefully they gonna love it . And after that is like two days off, let me spend time wif ma friends, before it came back to reality ? OMG !!!!! Never Pls Can ?

End of the month is coming, Spend your money Wisely !!!!! 

Cookies & Cream  & Kangkong Belacan


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