A very Happy Merry X’ Mas !!!!

Hey guys. Just wanna wish you A Happy Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays ~



Selamat Hari Raya Haji 2009

Salams buat semua..

Hanya ku ingin mengucapkan kepada semua umat Islam dimana jua ..

 Selamat menyambut Aidiladha ( Korban ) 2009 . Jangan lupa ke masjid untuk mengambil daging daging korban . Alhamdullilah, masa dgn pantasnya berlalu.. Dan tidak lama lagi kami akan menjejaki bulan yg terakhir buat tahun  2009.

Hensem tk ? hehs =] Salam Aidiladha ..

Di Makkah dgn jema’ah yg mengadap Kaa’bah

It seems like the cube, the Kaaba, was built back in Ibrahim’s time. Ibrahim’s son Is’mail discovered a well in this exact location, and hence managed to stay alive by selling water to the roaming nomads. The well later nourished the born of a city, called Mecca. ( Speaking laa pulak )

Dan akhirnya, santap lah ketupats dgn mesra sblom kamu disantapkan (:


Cousins @ Grandma’s plc – Afiq, Titi, Afiqah, Didi & Hairi

A million thanks to Ashadiq, my lil bro for inviting me to his house ~




( P.S ) : Cinta Fitri Season 5 Coming Soon. yaY !! (:



Cookies & Cream


Happenings June 2009

HoLa ~

June is the best time to rest for students and teachers.. Hope Im nt too late to wish them Heppi Holidays. A little Update wif myself, Im still like the way it is, still as one.. Just cure frm some illness few weeks ago.. Been busy wif work as alwaes. This time around, in June itself, there are lots of happenings in living & travel. If you’re planned to go for an holiday, why nt ? I mean, take a good rest after a long day at work. It is time to ease your mind.. Yeaa…

As for television, this June holiday, there’re lots of good programme and activities outside where you can take part in. Like the one Im going is Gentarasa 2009 held @ NYP on the 13 June . I hope it’s gonna be a good show at the Auditorium tonight.. Anugerah 2009 and Singapore Idol has alreadi kicks in. Although we had some critics in Anugerah,  we’re supporting them actually.. haha.. Unfortunately, the judges are still the same..Yeaa..  So pls vote for your Favourite singers….

till then… Im signing off

Cookies & Cream

A Mothers Day Holiday

Peace be Upon you guys….

Over the weekend, I had so much fun & laughter over the trip wif great People, like Mummy, Cik Limah, Fai & Zaimah to Nilai 3, KL, Masjid India, Chowkit, Melacca and lastly Simpang Renggam. Although It’s only 2 days trip, It’s kinda tired due to the hot weather. But We had fun throughout ~ This time around, the Bus is from City Holidays Company. Had some shopping, nt much, Insya’allah before the Ramadhan starts on August, We’re going for another trip… hehe.. Here’re the pics… Enjoyz ~


@ JE Station waiting for the Bus



@ Nilai 3 wif the Kain hanging here & there…


Here’s the guy… Cute ek ~ hahaha


Yeaaahhhh… Ini Dia Cik Limah….


Didnt know your dad owns a shop in Masjid India..


The three of us.. Say Cheeeze ~


The ladies @ Cititel Express Hotel


Zaimah pointing menara KLCC Building


Thanks for this picture.. You’re remembered !!!


The Bee man @ Melacca.


Posing @ ZingDo Mahkota Parade Melacca


Here’s the last pic taken @ the last stop before heading back to S’pore ~


Si baju Hijau.. Ohoooo Hoiiiiiiiiii ~

Cookies & Cream

Happy Deepavali..

Wishing all of my Indians friends Happy Deepavali… I want Muruku !!! Wee~