A mini gathering wif the peepz !!

o.O. Hello. When is the last i blogg? hahaha. its been months i guess. Just to let you guys know, i’m doing well. Hari Raya have past. Deepavali & Hari Raya haj is on the way.

As for those who were not informed, I’ve got my workplc shifted to UE Square Shopping Mall. Those who didnt know where is it, Streetdirectory.com. hahaha.

Well, few days ago, arranged to meet up for lunch & movie With Jake, Jayden & Wendy. Due to the closure of Bishan blk 510 end of this month,. we’re sharing support and respect to the very last Bistro, before it ceased its operation. Nontheless, other outlets are left wif Cafe’ and Enhanced Cafe Concept. After lunch we had movies for friends wif benefits. I was laughing my heads off watching this one, although there’s some sexual scene. To think again, all have already above of the age 21 and suitable to watch. Of cos there’re some parts that like go Whoa !!!!! part. but we truly enjoyed it. Thanks to Jayden for the recommendation to watch this. Heard from the guys, Wendy got lost on the roads, while sending them back home. hahahaha. Should have asked me for directions yah? Till then, Hopefully another event will be around the corner somewhere. will keep ya guys updated yaw !!! Enjoy the pics ~

Blueberry tart !!!!

All too hungry. Even the last pc of Chicken Wing kena Whacked !!!

Wendy & Jayden

Jakie & Wantan ~

And Here we’re altogether !!! 🙂

mR. Wantan.


Meeting Friends day.

Hey Hey … How ya doing ?

Its been a while that i blog. Due to my busy schedules, that make me gAgA over work and find less time to blog. Mostly you guys can find me on FB or Twitter. Apparently today is my off day, and i managed to spend some time, meeting couples of friends whom i’ve never met. Firstly was Indra, Ouh man, he shrinks. I can tell you, that he lacks of rest and energy. By his face tells me, either which he has a problem or he really feeling nt well. I really hope you’re doing fine buddy.

Off to the Orchard Road, Scape.
To meet Shayma on the 987 studios, sitting in for the Muttons slot. I was here the second time. Bought her Honey Milk tea frm Gong Cha & Sandwiches frm Ah Mei. She is just a tiny lil girl. Her sweetness tells it all that she’Cute Duhh !!

On the way home to Centrepoint, saw Fazlee & Din biol heading towards Cineleisure. Eating Cold Stone Cremary Ice Cream lah sehz. Anyway guys, nice meeting every single one of you. You guys been the nicest ppl on earth !!!

Well less than a week, before fasting starts. Its been Awesummz ~

Another update, last friday Double J, Jake & Jayden made their way to ma workplc, which is Chinatown Pt deli. Jake returns my bubble tea. That makes a total of 5 cups already i had that week. wah seh.
they’re continuing their studies in NTU in few weeks to come. yeahh. All the best guys ~ Here r some of the pics .. enjoy ~

Ridhwan Saad

To Marina Barrage

Hey Peepz !!! 

I know it’s already a month that i am not updating, maybe due to the busyness or i may have forgotten.

But now I’m back. Due to the slacking moments at reservist where it commence last week, that i have so many free time and updating.

Last week, I’ve watched Watch This Space on Okto airs Wed 10 pm.

i fall in love with the show where two designers put some colours to make Marina Barrage a bit more fun !!.

So the next day itself, Me & Faz went to Marina Barrage to have a look on whats goin on.

Here’re the pics ~ 





Cookies & Cream

Blessed Friday

Im awaken by The Rude’s Awakening show by Shan over the radio, while that Rihanna Song, titled S  & M was played. Surfing the net like normal, watching Tere Liye @ 11 am. Was planning to go Ghufran alone today for friday prayers, when Indra smsed me last min,  Sholat Juma’t nngak ? Ikut Donk ? hahaha. So i reply him straight away, where we had our friday prayers @ Masjid Al- Abdul Razak .

We had a blessful friday after all. Went for lunch at Bedok Point . Manage to survey price plans for Singtel & Starhub for Samsung Galaxy tab. It’s Coming my way … hahaha..  So many food shops around. headache. Manage to find Gong – Cha !!! Woohoo ~

Lunch at The Chicken Rice Shop & We had Gong – Cha together-gather (:

Chicken Rice at its best ~

Matcha wif Red Beans & Pearl Milk Tea ~


Cookies & Cream  ~

Dinner & Movie ( Gullivers Travel )

Hey there. It’s been great pleasure to have 2010 with us. There’s been lotsa great and unforgettable memories left. But a great kick start to 2011 is much more better i guess. Hopefully this year will bring us prosperity and many good lucks.

January !!!!!! New Year was shagged for me, Had to work though, but overall nothing special. Reservist coming soon for IPPT & SHOOTING. Am so looking forward to it. meeting old frens.

It has been Cloudy and Rainy for the past few days. It’s good to stay indoors aite. While Yesterday had already planned with bestie to go out for dinner and movie, together celebrating his twenty-fourth birthday in advance . (:

Nowhere else to go, Marina is the word.. Planned to have dinner at Swensens and Gullivers Travel for the movie @ GV.

Show was damn funny, Both of us laughed to our hearts out. Truly enjoyed lots.

Off to ECP to have some warm down after dinner and surfing the net ~

Here’s the pics ~

Awesome Movie !!!!!!

Yeaa !!!!! Peace~ Kok muka kaget doang.. hahahahaha =p

All Time Favourite Grilled Salmon ~

Going gaga over bananas, It’s Banana Crumble ~ ( Pinch Nose )


Plenty of Swensens Vouchers Inside ~ Like this must go again .


Mr Allergic to Prawns ~

Salam Idul Adha buat umat islam sedunia .

Salams to all.

Here we’re once again celebrating Hari Raya Aidiladha 2010. Raya mood again. haha.. Tomorrow morning, i have to make my way to Solat Aidiladha wif ma neighbours as per normal, under the void deck 286 . then during  the noon itself, its our turn to watch the sheep golek golek at Darul Ghufran mosque.. During the evening itself, Spending time with family visiting relatives to my grandma’s house at Eunos. Ayam  tiga kilo beb, tk dtg rugi … hahaha…

And here’s the Ideal Sinetron, that i would like to recommend to watch for Hari Raya Haji, airing evening & tonight on channel SCTV  5Pm on Suria & @ 11Pm, on SCTV

Hope all of you enjoy during this festive season (:

Cookies & Cream ~

Manis Manis AidilFitri


It’s over a month and im nt updating. Syukur alhamdullilah, Syawal is here and all of us are celebrating it among siblings, relatives & love ones.

Salam takziah for allahyarham M.Rajoli, an actor from malaysia who have left us few days after raya.Semoga allah mencucuri rohnya. Amin..

After it ended a month of fasting, Here are some photos for Hari Raya Celebration. Been to many houses. Time to attack all the kuehs and all the rendangs and briyani.. haha.. Thanks to my lil sis who is the photographer here and there.




Happy Family (: Theme Colour this year : Silver ~

Second day of hari raya, Hany Came to my house, next to rumah pak Hitam ~

Posing wif Mak Hitam ~ Woots~


Wif Nenek who has been taking care of me since i was a child. (:


@ Rumah Nenek Bi De’ & Tok Hussein. =D

Uncle & Niece ~

@ Rumah Cik Normah. Fuhh !!! Briyani power…

@ Uncle Hannan’s house, wife Jeenad & Daughter Nysa. thks for yr briyani too ~

My Aunty is @ My house ~


As for those who realli browse my blogg often and all muslim, Ridhwan menyusun 10 jari  dari hujung rambot hingga ke hujung kaki, atas segala mcm kesalahan terhadap kamu semua. ma’afin yah ~ Ma’af Zahir Batin.


Cookies & Cream ~

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