Dinner & Movie ( Gullivers Travel )

Hey there. It’s been great pleasure to have 2010 with us. There’s been lotsa great and unforgettable memories left. But a great kick start to 2011 is much more better i guess. Hopefully this year will bring us prosperity and many good lucks.

January !!!!!! New Year was shagged for me, Had to work though, but overall nothing special. Reservist coming soon for IPPT & SHOOTING. Am so looking forward to it. meeting old frens.

It has been Cloudy and Rainy for the past few days. It’s good to stay indoors aite. While Yesterday had already planned with bestie to go out for dinner and movie, together celebrating his twenty-fourth birthday in advance . (:

Nowhere else to go, Marina is the word.. Planned to have dinner at Swensens and Gullivers Travel for the movie @ GV.

Show was damn funny, Both of us laughed to our hearts out. Truly enjoyed lots.

Off to ECP to have some warm down after dinner and surfing the net ~

Here’s the pics ~

Awesome Movie !!!!!!

Yeaa !!!!! Peace~ Kok muka kaget doang.. hahahahaha =p

All Time Favourite Grilled Salmon ~

Going gaga over bananas, It’s Banana Crumble ~ ( Pinch Nose )


Plenty of Swensens Vouchers Inside ~ Like this must go again .


Mr Allergic to Prawns ~


Shrek. Forever. After.

Hey… Peace Be Upon u peepz !!

When is the last i write in.. haha.. that was before reservist i doubt.

Well, Reservist was hell fun.. yeaah !! Though you be on guard, eat and rest. Miss those guys who have been a lot of watching porn in the bunk. They share lotza info on that One. Ouh. I finally talked to Zul, my primary school fren who have nt been talking to him for ages. he’s da same team as me in this reservist. Miss a whole lot of ya and my troop as well.

Few days back, just return back frm two days course with Zingrillians @ Sim Lim Tower. It’s nice to know a whole bunch of fellas from the company.I’ve gt lots  homework to be done. A presentation was held up over @ T2 on Seventh June. Gosh ! Jia Yoh !!

As for today, It’s my off Day today. Went some massage during da day time to release all those airs in the body. And guess wad ?

It’s Shrek !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeaah.. Am so gonna catch it on the Threatre.It Premieres today. Watch da show @ Marina. Was a Hilarious movie. Awesome, since it’s the final Chapter. Aw…


Popcorn Combo & d’ Shrek Cup !! * Smiles*

The New Helix Bridge links to IR Marina ~

Mcm faham jer jengok jengok tu ~


Till then Signing off


Cookies & Cream ~

Jom Sakura-ing !!!

It’s my off day.

Eventually, this time around i manage to plan what’s happening on my off day itself. Though I need Suggestions and feedbacks from my relatives.

At noon just nw, went to Golden Mile tower to collect my Cousin’s pay. In the end, It turn out to be a cheque . Kwang 3 … Nearest POSB is at Keypoint, opp The ConCourse. I met Nasruddin !! Miss Him. haha. He changed a lot. Then next, we pass through Arab street, and grab some Suji from Victory, then proceed back to Tampines for a movie @ GV, titled Santau .

The movie was not so scary as what you think, to compared, Jgn Tegur and the rest. I still prefer my Misteri Jam 12 . Hehs =].

Final, We took bus no.3, and I saw another fren of mine, named Effendi. He’s on his way home frm work. Adorable. Proceed to Sakura Buffet @ DowntownEast. Makan time !!!! HurHur.. >.<

Effendi (:


All time Fav, Laksa and The Best Sushi Ever !! Oiishii !!

The Succulent Steak .

In bus no .3 on the way back ~

Ok World peace. After a day of outing, and it’s time to rest.  Hopefully next the outing will be BBQ Chicken and Swensens. (:

till then..

Cookies & Cream

2012 .

Halu . This post is gonna be short and simple.

Over the Weekend Awan n Afai visited Marina Square, where the Police are very busy with the Apec thingy. Am glad it’s over today. We catch 2012 at GV after our dinner from Swensens ~ The movie was Awesome !! (:


Now i know why people cry, watching that movie. They very Emo laa.. Even though some scenes tickles me to the fullest, I found that it is a great show. Brilliant ! Yeaa, We were warned. One fine day, the world will come to an End.

2012 (2)

2012 (4)

2012 (1)


Cookies & Cream


A rainy friday afternoon, after the Prayers, Straight away to Vivo City’s GV to catch The Proposal. It’s been a long wait, and finally.. I’m watching it.. woOhoO !!

It’s a Romantic-Comedy movie I shall say.. As for those who is a Big Fan of Ryan Reynolds, better not waste your time doing something else, Go watch !!!

sandra & ryan

on bended knee sandra

sandra propose

sandra alaska


Oh yeaa.. After the Movie, It’s time to indulge some food and desserts @ Earl Swensens, before the Ramadhan Kicks in.


All time Favourite Topless 5



Salam Ramadhan to all Muslim Friends and relatives. ((:

Cookies & Cream

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Peace be Upon u peepz !!

Last thursday was the Official release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Tickets sold fast. Same as transfomers. Luckily I managed to book early.

Had an early Dinner @ Swensens Marina wif Fai before the show starts. And I noticed, they have change the Menu. Ordered some new items where we have not tried.. Hmmm.. I should say they have improved better from last tyme.As for the dessert, Topless 5 just made our day..

And We’re off to GV Great World City for da show.. Wee ~ I shall say.. if you have watch Harry Potter’s sequel from the Beginning, You would might want to know, what happens to him next wif his frens. Quite enjoyable journey throughout.. And Don’t missed out the ending.. You’ll cry for sure.

And Congrats to myself for updating this blogg coz, this is my 104th post. I may have not notice it.. Time flies.. ~

half blood price

ron harry

harry enemy

harry canteen

three harry

harry snow



Chicken Caesar Salad & Fried Fish wif’ Apricot Sauce over @ Swensens..


*Smiles *

Cookies & Cream

Heppi Birthday Ms Ifah Belle..

Peace be Upon u Peepz..


yay yay!!! It’s her Birthday laa sehz..

Happy Birthday to you Sharifah Norhafizah.

May you’re in the pink of health alwaes.

On this beautiful 27 June 2009, May you success in everything you do & Yeaaahhh, you must try the vege… dun forget that..Hee… On thursday, went to Orchard walk walk while drinking Ah’Mei Ice Tea, on d’ way frm Shaw House, Saw my werking collegue  Mary Grace my laling.. hehe…


@ Borders Wheelock, browsing magazines


Wif Mary Grace Reyes Tambiao..

Before we proceed to Catch Transformers @ Gwc. Fuh, The Theatre was pack wif viewers. Whoa.. luckily i chop seat liao.. haha

Movie was Awesome !!! Better frm the former one.. I didn’t know Bumblebee cry. haha.. although there r’ some sad momentsin the show, But Im glad viewers also had their Kick ass laughing to this show… Rating 5 stars..

For wad i know, it’s two and a half hour. It’s not boring…




Dis colour of the car reminds me of the Bike in Transformers.. =)





It is my duty to make you smile.. hee.. =p

Cookies & Cream

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