A mini gathering wif the peepz !!

o.O. Hello. When is the last i blogg? hahaha. its been months i guess. Just to let you guys know, i’m doing well. Hari Raya have past. Deepavali & Hari Raya haj is on the way.

As for those who were not informed, I’ve got my workplc shifted to UE Square Shopping Mall. Those who didnt know where is it, Streetdirectory.com. hahaha.

Well, few days ago, arranged to meet up for lunch & movie With Jake, Jayden & Wendy. Due to the closure of Bishan blk 510 end of this month,. we’re sharing support and respect to the very last Bistro, before it ceased its operation. Nontheless, other outlets are left wif Cafe’ and Enhanced Cafe Concept. After lunch we had movies for friends wif benefits. I was laughing my heads off watching this one, although there’s some sexual scene. To think again, all have already above of the age 21 and suitable to watch. Of cos there’re some parts that like go Whoa !!!!! part. but we truly enjoyed it. Thanks to Jayden for the recommendation to watch this. Heard from the guys, Wendy got lost on the roads, while sending them back home. hahahaha. Should have asked me for directions yah? Till then, Hopefully another event will be around the corner somewhere. will keep ya guys updated yaw !!! Enjoy the pics ~

Blueberry tart !!!!

All too hungry. Even the last pc of Chicken Wing kena Whacked !!!

Wendy & Jayden

Jakie & Wantan ~

And Here we’re altogether !!! 🙂

mR. Wantan.


Meeting Friends day.

Hey Hey … How ya doing ?

Its been a while that i blog. Due to my busy schedules, that make me gAgA over work and find less time to blog. Mostly you guys can find me on FB or Twitter. Apparently today is my off day, and i managed to spend some time, meeting couples of friends whom i’ve never met. Firstly was Indra, Ouh man, he shrinks. I can tell you, that he lacks of rest and energy. By his face tells me, either which he has a problem or he really feeling nt well. I really hope you’re doing fine buddy.

Off to the Orchard Road, Scape.
To meet Shayma on the 987 studios, sitting in for the Muttons slot. I was here the second time. Bought her Honey Milk tea frm Gong Cha & Sandwiches frm Ah Mei. She is just a tiny lil girl. Her sweetness tells it all that she’Cute Duhh !!

On the way home to Centrepoint, saw Fazlee & Din biol heading towards Cineleisure. Eating Cold Stone Cremary Ice Cream lah sehz. Anyway guys, nice meeting every single one of you. You guys been the nicest ppl on earth !!!

Well less than a week, before fasting starts. Its been Awesummz ~

Another update, last friday Double J, Jake & Jayden made their way to ma workplc, which is Chinatown Pt deli. Jake returns my bubble tea. That makes a total of 5 cups already i had that week. wah seh.
they’re continuing their studies in NTU in few weeks to come. yeahh. All the best guys ~ Here r some of the pics .. enjoy ~

Ridhwan Saad

Shrek. Forever. After.

Hey… Peace Be Upon u peepz !!

When is the last i write in.. haha.. that was before reservist i doubt.

Well, Reservist was hell fun.. yeaah !! Though you be on guard, eat and rest. Miss those guys who have been a lot of watching porn in the bunk. They share lotza info on that One. Ouh. I finally talked to Zul, my primary school fren who have nt been talking to him for ages. he’s da same team as me in this reservist. Miss a whole lot of ya and my troop as well.

Few days back, just return back frm two days course with Zingrillians @ Sim Lim Tower. It’s nice to know a whole bunch of fellas from the company.I’ve gt lots  homework to be done. A presentation was held up over @ T2 on Seventh June. Gosh ! Jia Yoh !!

As for today, It’s my off Day today. Went some massage during da day time to release all those airs in the body. And guess wad ?

It’s Shrek !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeaah.. Am so gonna catch it on the Threatre.It Premieres today. Watch da show @ Marina. Was a Hilarious movie. Awesome, since it’s the final Chapter. Aw…


Popcorn Combo & d’ Shrek Cup !! * Smiles*

The New Helix Bridge links to IR Marina ~

Mcm faham jer jengok jengok tu ~


Till then Signing off


Cookies & Cream ~

Jom Sakura-ing !!!

It’s my off day.

Eventually, this time around i manage to plan what’s happening on my off day itself. Though I need Suggestions and feedbacks from my relatives.

At noon just nw, went to Golden Mile tower to collect my Cousin’s pay. In the end, It turn out to be a cheque . Kwang 3 … Nearest POSB is at Keypoint, opp The ConCourse. I met Nasruddin !! Miss Him. haha. He changed a lot. Then next, we pass through Arab street, and grab some Suji from Victory, then proceed back to Tampines for a movie @ GV, titled Santau .

The movie was not so scary as what you think, to compared, Jgn Tegur and the rest. I still prefer my Misteri Jam 12 . Hehs =].

Final, We took bus no.3, and I saw another fren of mine, named Effendi. He’s on his way home frm work. Adorable. Proceed to Sakura Buffet @ DowntownEast. Makan time !!!! HurHur.. >.<

Effendi (:


All time Fav, Laksa and The Best Sushi Ever !! Oiishii !!

The Succulent Steak .

In bus no .3 on the way back ~

Ok World peace. After a day of outing, and it’s time to rest.  Hopefully next the outing will be BBQ Chicken and Swensens. (:

till then..

Cookies & Cream