A very Happy Merry X’ Mas !!!!

Hey guys. Just wanna wish you A Happy Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays ~



Salam Idul Adha buat umat islam sedunia .

Salams to all.

Here we’re once again celebrating Hari Raya Aidiladha 2010. Raya mood again. haha.. Tomorrow morning, i have to make my way to Solat Aidiladha wif ma neighbours as per normal, under the void deck 286 . then during  the noon itself, its our turn to watch the sheep golek golek at Darul Ghufran mosque.. During the evening itself, Spending time with family visiting relatives to my grandma’s house at Eunos. Ayam  tiga kilo beb, tk dtg rugi … hahaha…

And here’s the Ideal Sinetron, that i would like to recommend to watch for Hari Raya Haji, airing evening & tonight on channel SCTV  5Pm on Suria & @ 11Pm, on SCTV

Hope all of you enjoy during this festive season (:

Cookies & Cream ~

Manis Manis AidilFitri


It’s over a month and im nt updating. Syukur alhamdullilah, Syawal is here and all of us are celebrating it among siblings, relatives & love ones.

Salam takziah for allahyarham M.Rajoli, an actor from malaysia who have left us few days after raya.Semoga allah mencucuri rohnya. Amin..

After it ended a month of fasting, Here are some photos for Hari Raya Celebration. Been to many houses. Time to attack all the kuehs and all the rendangs and briyani.. haha.. Thanks to my lil sis who is the photographer here and there.




Happy Family (: Theme Colour this year : Silver ~

Second day of hari raya, Hany Came to my house, next to rumah pak Hitam ~

Posing wif Mak Hitam ~ Woots~


Wif Nenek who has been taking care of me since i was a child. (:


@ Rumah Nenek Bi De’ & Tok Hussein. =D

Uncle & Niece ~

@ Rumah Cik Normah. Fuhh !!! Briyani power…

@ Uncle Hannan’s house, wife Jeenad & Daughter Nysa. thks for yr briyani too ~

My Aunty is @ My house ~


As for those who realli browse my blogg often and all muslim, Ridhwan menyusun 10 jari  dari hujung rambot hingga ke hujung kaki, atas segala mcm kesalahan terhadap kamu semua. ma’afin yah ~ Ma’af Zahir Batin.


Cookies & Cream ~


happy deepavali

Wee ~

This year, Deepavali’s date was bringing forward to 17 October 2009.

I would like to wish, all my Hindu friends a Happy Deepavali 2009.


Went to Tekka on tuesday where many achi-achi n lingam visiting there to shop their festival needs. (:






Lelong Lelong !!!



Even Ang Moh and other tourist visit there.. ~


Till then..

Signing off..


Cookies & Cream