Meeting Friends day.

Hey Hey … How ya doing ?

Its been a while that i blog. Due to my busy schedules, that make me gAgA over work and find less time to blog. Mostly you guys can find me on FB or Twitter. Apparently today is my off day, and i managed to spend some time, meeting couples of friends whom i’ve never met. Firstly was Indra, Ouh man, he shrinks. I can tell you, that he lacks of rest and energy. By his face tells me, either which he has a problem or he really feeling nt well. I really hope you’re doing fine buddy.

Off to the Orchard Road, Scape.
To meet Shayma on the 987 studios, sitting in for the Muttons slot. I was here the second time. Bought her Honey Milk tea frm Gong Cha & Sandwiches frm Ah Mei. She is just a tiny lil girl. Her sweetness tells it all that she’Cute Duhh !!

On the way home to Centrepoint, saw Fazlee & Din biol heading towards Cineleisure. Eating Cold Stone Cremary Ice Cream lah sehz. Anyway guys, nice meeting every single one of you. You guys been the nicest ppl on earth !!!

Well less than a week, before fasting starts. Its been Awesummz ~

Another update, last friday Double J, Jake & Jayden made their way to ma workplc, which is Chinatown Pt deli. Jake returns my bubble tea. That makes a total of 5 cups already i had that week. wah seh.
they’re continuing their studies in NTU in few weeks to come. yeahh. All the best guys ~ Here r some of the pics .. enjoy ~

Ridhwan Saad


Salam Takziah utk Ida Kusumah



Alhamdullilah Hari Raya Haji went smoothly. Get to meet Cousins here and there. plus that Ayam masak Kicap. Happening . haha.. Just a relieve after not hearing Kc from Misteri Jam 12 after more than couple of days. fans semua bingit pat Wall post Ria. haha.. Well he’s back yesterday, glad listening in to him wif the stories.

Another Sad News :

World Entertainment Indonesia, Ida Kusumah who acts Oma in Season Cinta Fitri, passed Away yesterday. Lets see, what the reporters have to say …

Jakarta Dunia hiburan Indonesia kembali ditinggal salah satu artis terbaiknya. Aktris Ida Kusumah meninggal dunia saat melakoni syuting ‘Cinta Fitri’.

Aktris bernama lengkap Siti Endeh Ida Hendarsih Atmadi Kusumah itu meninggal karena serangan jantung. Kini jenazah almarhumah telah dibawa ke Rumah Sakit Puri Cinere, Jalan Maribaya, Cinere, Depok, Jawa barat, Kamis (25/11/2010) malam.

“Iya benar (meninggal) di lokasi syuting. Saya baru dapat kabarnya setengah jam lalu,” ujar Ciria, publisis MD Entertainment saat dihubungi detikhot.
Ciria belum bisa memberikan informasi lebih jauh soal meninggalnya pemeran Oma di sinetron ‘Cinta Fitri’ itu. Saat ini, ia masih dalam perjalanan ke rumah sakit.

Aktris yang juga bermain dalam satu sinetron dengan Ida, Dinda Kanya Dewi menyampaikan belasungkawanya lewat Twitter. “Inalilahiwainailaihirojiun* R.I.P Oma Ida Kusumah.Kawan minta doanya yah.We love you Oma Ida,” tulis pemeran Mischa itu.


Cookies & Cream

987FM is @ Scape .

It’s been twenty one years listening in to 987fm. Happy Birthday to em’once again. They are pointless now, no more Perfect 10 or 98.7, but it’s 987. Yeaahh !!  And even now, they have their own brand new studio located @ Orchard Rd, Scape. Just like Lush 99.5Fm is @ Orchard Central. Though the Crews had a re-shuffling in timing last monday,

 It’s great listening to them wif a new time slot on weekdays. And even the programmes on the weekend also do have a new slot. Great work guys. Though I have visited the Studio just now, It was truly Awesome !!!!!!!!!! =D

I’ll promise next time ard, i will take some photos wif the crews.. ~

Now broadcasting you live from SCAPE ~

If there’s no access entry to this door, Pls let me be the first to enter. loL !!


AM JAM – Davin &Vanessa 6-10 am

DES IN THE MIDDLE – Desiree Lai 10-12pm


MUTTONS ON THE MOVE – Justin Ang & Vernon A – 4-8pm

SAY IT WITH MUSIC – Shan & Rozz – 8-12am

THE NIGHT IS YOUNG – Mr Young – 12-3am


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Pranks over the Airwaves …

Few days ago marks the April Fools on the April’s First.

Radio Jocks Shan Wee & Rosalyn Lee from 987Fm, prank us all. (:

The story begins with over the airwaves, that Ris Low is gonna take over Rozz on the 4-8pm Evening Drive show wif Shan Wee. Reasons for rozz leaving is due to misunderstanding wif The Muttons, if im nt wrong.

So rozz last day is on the 29th of March. While Ris Low is wif Shan co-hosting the Show. And there are lots of question, complains, remarks posted on Facebook saying that Ris voice is not suitable to be heard on air. She sound like one toot. haha.. Most of them die die wanted Rozz back on air.  They are many ungrateful comments, here and there regarding Ris. And while on the end of Muttons to midnight show, Rozz should be meeting them on studio, by saying sorry to rozz from muttons. It strucks midnight, and Rozz shouts APRIL FOOL !!!!

There goes the Prank that most of the Jocks also believes that Rozz is leaving. haha. you guys been fooled !! Shan & Rozz were saying on their show on April first, ” We know you care about us, eventually we wanna treat you to Angry Whooper at $ 1 when you purchase a medium coke. Offer is only on April second.

Buy a Medium Coke

And get a Angry Whooper @ $ 1 only.

Only at Burger King, It just taste Better !!


That’s it !! I’m glad the duo is back hosting The Shan & Rozz Show ~

* The best of Both worlds. ( Ang Moh & Ah Lian )


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Linda Onn Berhijrah Dari Sinar ke Suria Fm ?

Peace be upon you..

Im here to update one of my favourite deejay’s on earth, that is Linda Onn.

Thank god it has been more than 10 great years, that I’ve been listening to her shows from Era Fm, to Sinar Fm and now, where I heard that she will be working at Suria Fm. Lets see, what she have to say dear ..


Apabila pengacara Linda Onn mengesahkan tidak menyambung kontrak dengan rangkaian radio AMP, Astro, makin lebat khabar mengatakan Linda akan berhijrah ke stesen swasta yang semakin meningkat naik, Suria FM.

Benarkah? Tunggulah pada 13 Januari ini sebab Suria FM sudah mengundang media menghadiri sidang media pasal line up baru deejay yang akan bertugas di stesen itu. Adakah nama Linda akan tersenarai?

Baik pihak Suria mahupun Linda Onn, mereka belum bersedia untuk menghebahkannya. Pihak Suria mengesahkan akan ada deejay baru yang bakal menyertai stesen itu serta kedudukan deejay sedia ada akan berubah waktu siaran. Namun segala-galanya akan dijelaskan pada Rabu ini.


Linda mengakui menyayangi stesen radio lamanya namun dia harus membuat keputusan demi masa depan.

“Dulu saya sangat berat meninggalkan radio Era FM, namun ada orang yang mahu memindahkan saya ke Sinar FM. Saya mengesahkan tidak menyambung kontrak dengan AMP,” kata Linda.

Tunggulah… ke mana-mana pun tempatnya tugas deejay sama sahaja, iaitu menyampaikan maklumat dan menghiburkan pendengar mereka.

 As for Suria Fm, The Frequency is 101.4Fm.

* Or for more Enquries, visit


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Birthdays for SY, Linda and Zaimah


Hey there …

Hope all of you are doing fine. Ouh yeaa.. Hari Raya Haji’s coming soon in couple of days. Two resting days for me. Hope it’s more than enough. As for today, tomorrow and Friday itself, these three people are celebrating their birthdays back to back. From me myself, I would like to wish them A very Happy Birthday, May they succeed in everything they do in their own respectives carrers and God Bless ~ They are the people that are entertaining me from radio to frens a Facebook . Enjoyz ~(  Ps : 2 Dj and I little gerl.. huhu )


 Salih Yacoob ( SY ) – 25 November 2009

Linda Onn ( LO ) 26 November 2009

Nurkhuzaimah 27 November 2009


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