A mini gathering wif the peepz !!

o.O. Hello. When is the last i blogg? hahaha. its been months i guess. Just to let you guys know, i’m doing well. Hari Raya have past. Deepavali & Hari Raya haj is on the way.

As for those who were not informed, I’ve got my workplc shifted to UE Square Shopping Mall. Those who didnt know where is it, Streetdirectory.com. hahaha.

Well, few days ago, arranged to meet up for lunch & movie With Jake, Jayden & Wendy. Due to the closure of Bishan blk 510 end of this month,. we’re sharing support and respect to the very last Bistro, before it ceased its operation. Nontheless, other outlets are left wif Cafe’ and Enhanced Cafe Concept. After lunch we had movies for friends wif benefits. I was laughing my heads off watching this one, although there’s some sexual scene. To think again, all have already above of the age 21 and suitable to watch. Of cos there’re some parts that like go Whoa !!!!! part. but we truly enjoyed it. Thanks to Jayden for the recommendation to watch this. Heard from the guys, Wendy got lost on the roads, while sending them back home. hahahaha. Should have asked me for directions yah? Till then, Hopefully another event will be around the corner somewhere. will keep ya guys updated yaw !!! Enjoy the pics ~

Blueberry tart !!!!

All too hungry. Even the last pc of Chicken Wing kena Whacked !!!

Wendy & Jayden

Jakie & Wantan ~

And Here we’re altogether !!! 🙂

mR. Wantan.


Meeting Friends day.

Hey Hey … How ya doing ?

Its been a while that i blog. Due to my busy schedules, that make me gAgA over work and find less time to blog. Mostly you guys can find me on FB or Twitter. Apparently today is my off day, and i managed to spend some time, meeting couples of friends whom i’ve never met. Firstly was Indra, Ouh man, he shrinks. I can tell you, that he lacks of rest and energy. By his face tells me, either which he has a problem or he really feeling nt well. I really hope you’re doing fine buddy.

Off to the Orchard Road, Scape.
To meet Shayma on the 987 studios, sitting in for the Muttons slot. I was here the second time. Bought her Honey Milk tea frm Gong Cha & Sandwiches frm Ah Mei. She is just a tiny lil girl. Her sweetness tells it all that she’Cute Duhh !!

On the way home to Centrepoint, saw Fazlee & Din biol heading towards Cineleisure. Eating Cold Stone Cremary Ice Cream lah sehz. Anyway guys, nice meeting every single one of you. You guys been the nicest ppl on earth !!!

Well less than a week, before fasting starts. Its been Awesummz ~

Another update, last friday Double J, Jake & Jayden made their way to ma workplc, which is Chinatown Pt deli. Jake returns my bubble tea. That makes a total of 5 cups already i had that week. wah seh.
they’re continuing their studies in NTU in few weeks to come. yeahh. All the best guys ~ Here r some of the pics .. enjoy ~

Ridhwan Saad

Feeling Fhua Friday …

Hey you ol’s

It’s nice writing in once again, after quite a while, been missing. nothing much, been busy lately with some stuffs and work. Though it’s ma off day today, thought of deserve myself a  good rest at home . Went to Friday prayers @ Masjid Ghufran just now with Haider. Thks  for the ride dude , appreciate it lots. There are  some frens of mine realli ask me to organise an outing, Im a bit slow of doing this, but i’ll try.. hmm..

Im so looking forward to Hari Raya Haji, that is coming soon like next wednesday… faster come .. I miss watching all the sheeps… hahahha… the smell of it also.. lolx !! It’s a bot slacking day today, when i thought of blogging. hee.. Feeling fhua friday due to the hotness in the afternoon just nw. i’m just like melting under the sun. Whee … ~

I’ll see you guys soon ~

Cookies & Cream ~

Finish my food Friday.

Hey all,

It’s been raining since morning. Weather keeps changing here and then. That’s why people intend to get sick. Well i just recovered. hee =] Yeaah, Sore throat, Running nose, headache and leg pain. All 4 in 1 Combo come together. Gosh. Was realli painful though, when you want to conduct prayers, but u cant. so in the end solat dudok. terpaksa.

After te prayers at Ba-alwi mosque, Straight away went to JP to meet Nur & Zaimah for makan makan. It’s been a while though, drop by JP. So off we go to Swensens. Whee ~ if im nt wrong, I just went last week wif the Zingrill peepz last week @ Chinatown. loL ~ these time around is Nur’s treat. Thank you so much Nur for the food. And congrats on your results. You’ve made it gerl.

Wantan, Jonurie & Nur

lil’ updates on werk, Due to National Day’s on the nineth, well, that seems to be my last day. I have to part with Zingrill till then and rest for a while. Still got many things to do at home, before the ramadan kicks in on the eleventh. Ouh ya… I nid to paint my house !!!!!! Gosh. Whu wanna help me.. guess i nid to call my auntie’s maid for some cleaning and helping. Tomorrow countstock, hehe.. for the last time. Ouh Finally !!!!! loL Ramadan faster come. im waiting !!!!!!!!!!!! (:




Cookies & Cream

Yoghurt & Dishwasher

All right It was a rainy day, where Myself and Fadh met up @ Tampines Mall for a quick lunch over at Food Culture. Go for the Chicken Rice.. Hmmm.. nt bad lah.. My cuzzie join us and off to Tampines 1 to crave for some desserts.We went to Fro Lick for some flavoured Yoghurt and had some laughs over there.

And It had come to an end, where Octo Jet Dishwasher been with us for all these while. They are bunch of nice fellas, who’s  been washing all the plates and cutleries all these time. And we have come to a decision, where we bought them a cake. May you guys work with happiness alwaes, in yr new environment. Thkx for yr contribution lots. Now with the Sri Lankans, We try our best to communicate ~ hehs =]

Now you see it ~

Now you don’t

Brudder lurrrve ~

Wif yr Brudder. OMG.

Wif the Staffs.. Zeela.. Oops !!

Uncles & Aunties ~


Till we meet again >.<

Cookies & Cream ~

Happy Birthday Derek

I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to One of my best staff ever, named Derek. We’re so sad of yr late grandma who passed on last two weeks after your Birthday.

But afterall, dun be too sad, and cheer up all right. we’re always be there for you. (: The lovely cake from Polar Puff, and dinner @ Swensens are especially for you.

Wantan & Derek

The Giant Earthquake

From Us : Myself, Aunty Maimon, yana, Siti 1 & Zul, Hope you have enjoyed the celebration with us ~


Cookies & Cream ~

Picnic over at East Coast wif the kids ..

Another Bright and Sunny Friday, Citizens from SGTM created a Picnic event over at the East Coast Park.  So the location is  to meet at Mcdonalds at 0930am. Though some are punctual, and some are not. Janji diana beb. No comments.

Over to a Shade area, where we unlosen our belongings, and started getting prepared for all da foods and games that we had.

One by One reach wif their belongings and Foods. Yana wif the Bone-Steak, Fai wif that Fried Macaroni,  Zul wif his Fried Rice, Misuari wif his Brownies and Siti 3 wif her Fried chickens.

Games that I’ve learn by 5,4,3,2,1 by Andy. Boom Chucky Chucky by Farah & Captain ball. haha..

Enjoyness to the fullest !!!

These are the laughter we had throughtout ~

Yana & Misuari eating Tulang. Dk picks the Macaroni ~



The girls ~

Fai & Farah eating wif passion ~

 Im like freeze-ing, while Regina keeps the ball in her stomach. Unfair ! =]

Here comes Cik leh attacking the ball. Fai & Zeela kekek ~

The Boom Boom Chucky Chucky, kakak ko peh laki game. loL

Zeela Advertise her Coke Drink, while Andy is damn hungry XD

Im totally scared when Fai jumps over. Careful beb \m/

Till then, there goes our Second outing for SGTM this year. Next upcoming event, not so soon, but they wanna Chalet. I’ll think abt it guys. =D

Cookies & Cream

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